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Which Slot Bonus Games Trigger the Most?

mega-moolah-isis-slotAs a slot player you will often find yourself playing slots on which bonus games can be triggered, however you will not need us to tell you the frequency at which those bonus games can be awarded to you can vary greatly from slot to slot and from slot playing session to session!

The best way to be able to evaluate just how often a slot game will award its bonus feature is quite complicated, for what you will first have to do is find out how the bonus games are actually triggered.

Take for example a slot which offer you a free spins bonus feature round as soon as you have spun in at least three scatter symbols in view. What you will have to do is find out just how many symbols are on each reel strip and then find out just how many scatter symbols are on each reel strip and then work out the true odds of spinning in a bonus game triggering combination of those symbols.

Getting access to such information can be very difficult, however we have managed to do just that on a range of different slot games which are found in Microgaming software powered casino sites.


How to Work Out Bonus Game Hit Frequencies

Having discovered the true odds of you actually triggering the bonus games on a range of different Microgaming slots we will now share that information with you. However, keep in mind that the following information is based on the average number of base game spins in between each bonus game triggering.

Due to each slot from Microgaming being 100% random, the actual number of base game spins you will end up playing off between each bonus game is of course going to vary often quite dramatically form slot to slot.

However, based on the design of the reel strips and the number of scatter symbols on each reel you should hit and trigger the bonus games over your long term play within the figures mentioned in the following section.

One find thing to note is that as scatter symbols will award the bonus game as long as you get enough of them in view, that means it doesn’t matter how many pay lines you have chosen to activate, you will still get the free spins feature round being awarded to you when enough of the scatter symbols have been spun into view


Most Frequently Awarded Slot Bonus Games

One of the best video slots to play if you want something of an increased chance of triggering the free spins feature round is the Moonshine slot.

Now the only thing to be aware of when playing that slot game is that when you trigger the free spins bonus game, which by the ay should happen on average once every eighty eight spins, you have to play off an initial picking game to find out how many free spins you have been awarded!

Another video slot which is famed for its very regularly triggering free spin bonus game is the Halloweenies, due to the layout of the reel strips of this slot game you should get the bonus game being awarded to you on average once every 76 base game spins!

One final slot game which is still very popular with players even though it has been around for many years now is the Thunderstruck slot, and one average when playing hat slot game you should trigger the free pins bonus game on average every 143 base game spins you play off!



If you do decide you wish to play any of the slot games on which free spins bonus games can be awarded to you as mentioned above, then keep in mind that due to the way that free spins feature rounds work and operate you are much more likely to get awarded some of the higher valued winning payouts if you put into play every single pay line the slot you are playing has on offer.

If you only put into play an activate a small number of payline then your actual chances of spinning in a winning combination as the free spins bonus game is playing off is somewhat reduced.

So the best way to play any slot which does offer such a bonus game will be for you to have every single line in live play, one way that you can do so and make each spin affordable based on your gambling bankroll and budget is to lower the coin values.

Even when playing video slots for low stakes you do often stand the chance of winning some fairly substantial winning payouts, mainly due to the multipliers that often also come into play during the free spins feature round!

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