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Which Slots Re-Trigger their Bonus Games the Most?

days-of-the-tsar-slotYou can play some slot games for hours and never trigger one of the bonus games which those games have on offer, however sometimes you can strike it lucky and be playing a slot which is regularly triggering it bonus games.

However, we are often asked by slot players just which slot games offering bonus games such as free spins but also which of those slots are famed for re-triggering their respective free spins bonus games the most.

With that in mind we have put together a listing of different slot games which we have played several times before and have found their bonus free spins games to be ones which do tend to re-trigger quite often.

So if you are looking for slots on which you can win a huge number of free spins from time to time thanks to them continually re-triggering their respective free spins bonus games then read on for we are more than convinced some of the slot games listed below will be appealing to you!


Days of the Tsar Slot

If you enjoy playing Microgaming designed and supplied slot games then one slot which we think you are going to enjoy playing, more so if you are hoping to trigger a free spins bonus game which is going to see you then playing off a large number of free spins is Microgaming’s Days of the Tsar Slot game.

This slot is structured as a 25 optional payline slot and when you launch it you are going to be able to play it for lots of different stake levels so you can play it for any stake you like and not necessarily very high stake amounts.

The way in which he free spins bonus feature round is awarded to you is fairly straight forward and that is by a set of three or more of the Faberge Egg scatter symbols spinning into view, as soon as you get at least three of those symbols spinning in then you will then find each egg will reveal a number of free spins which are added together to determine just how many free spins you will then be able to play off.

However, what makes this slot highly playable is that as the free spins are playing off in just one of those scatter symbols spins in during any single free spins then for each one that appears an additional free spins is added to your total.


Break Da Bank Again

Another slot game which has a very similar free spins bonus feature to the slot above is the Break Da Bank slot game, however what makes this slot slightly different to the one named and described above is that you are only going to be able to put into play 9 optional paylines when playing it so it can be a much less expensive slot to play when you want to activate all of those pay lines.

Three or more of the Vault scatter symbols are needed to trigger the bonus feature round and as your free spins are all playing off any additional Value symbols that you manage to spin in add an extra free spins to your total.

One aspect to playing this slot however that you do need to know about is that it is a very high variance slot, so only play it with modest stake amounts for even when playing it for tiny stakes the chance of winning big or very big is always going to be there!


Tomb Raider Slot

One of the most played slot games is the Tomb Raider slot and this slot will award players with a set of free spins simply for spinning into view three or more of the scatter symbols.

As the free spins are laying off another set of three or more of those scatter symbols spinning in will award an additional et of free spins, and we have found that when playing this slot it can and often does re-trigger its bonus feature round very often, so it is a slot you may just be interested in playing online or on your mobile device soon!



One thing to remember that no matter at which of our top rated online casino sites you choose to play at you are going o find a huge range of different slot games offering you all manner of different playing structures and bonus games.

Every single slot we have reviewed on this website and that are available form out top rated online casino sites are all certified as being completely random and as such you will never know in advance whether the free spins bonus games will re-trigger when playing them!

However, the more times you play any slot game the more chances you will then get of not only trigger those bonus free spins round offered by many slots but the more increased chance you will have of then re-triggering them as they are playing off!

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