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Which Slots Will Give Me the Most Play Time?

gift-rap-slotGetting lots of spins and play time from your bankroll will be what every slot player will be looking to do, as well of course as hopefully ending and slot playing session with way more money in their bankroll than when they started playing!

To help you hopefully achieve more play time when you play at any of our featured casinos sites we are now going to be looking at the types of slot you should be playing. If you do choose to sit down and start playing the wrong slot you will find your bankroll will not last very long if you have a series of losing spins on the trot.

Keep in mind that one very easy way that you can get a much longer slot playing session if by making use of and claiming as many casino bonuses a you possibly can do! However, whether you take bonuses or not if you do take our advice and stick to playing the following categories of slot game you will get plenty of play time from your bankroll.

But please do be aware that as every single slot is random, you will experience losing and winning sessions, and you will never know which session is going to be a winning one in advance, which is why playing slots is so very exciting!


Play Fruit Machines for More Play Time

The one type of gaming machines that you really should be looking to play online if you want  a lot of additional play time are the fruit machines that quite a number of casino sites have on offer to their players.

The main differences between slot games and fruit machines are that the latter types of games offer multiple different bonus games and bonus features. In fact, those bonus games and features will trigger much more often that the ones attached to video slots.

By playing a fruit machine you will find your bankroll will last much longer and you will get a lot more play time or your money as the bonus games and bonus features that will be awarded to you regularly are going to slow down the game play considerably.

Keep in mind however online fruit machines also come with much higher payout percentages and much lower staking options than fruit machines found in land based gaming venues!


Low Variance Slots with Extend Your Slot Play Time

If you are not that fond of playing fruit machines and would much prefer to play some of the more standard types of classical three reel slots of you want to play video slot games then be on the lookout for those slots which have been designed as low variance slots.

A low variance slot is one on which you will spin in many more lower valued winning payouts, and as such you will be recycling your bankroll multiple times when playing those types of slots and your money will last much longer when playing them for that reason alone!.

One of the easiest ways to find out which are low variance slots are to look at the pay tables, for those types of slot games will offer a low valued jackpot payout and will not have lots of different bonus games and bonus features on offer.

We do have several additional slot playing guides and articles dotted around our website and as such please do make use of them as you will be able to find out just which slot games are designed as low and very low variance slots and just which online casinos offer low variance slot games too!



As you have just found out you will need to play low variance slots or fruit machines if you want to extend the amount of play time you get from your bankroll, however do keep in mind that you should always play those slot games for low modest stake amounts too!

You will be best advised not to play any type of slot game for too high a stake level if you do not have much cash available in your bankroll, for if you do so and you experience a bad run of luck when playing them your bankroll will not last out very long at all and will be quickly diminished in value!

You may also consider making use of the additional bonus offers that a new player and regularly players at all of our top rated and fully reviewed online casino sites are offering their new and existing players.

The bonuses which are the ones worth claiming will always be the highest valued deposit match bonuses, so if you do fancy getting lots of extra play time from you bankroll then those are the bonuses you should only ever claim!

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