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Why Do Multi Spin Slots Play to a Higher RTP?

tropic-reels-slot-gameWhen you are playing at any online casino site that uses the Playtech Gaming Platform, you are going to come across many unique looking and playing slot games, and it is quite true to say that many of these slots may be appealing to you due to the bonus features, stake levels of even the way the slot game is themed.

However, if you have some experience of playing slots then you will know that each game has been set to return, over the long term a certain RTP or Payout Percentage to players. The art of trying to have a winning session when playing any slots online is knowing which games boast the highest payout percentages and then you concentrating all of your playing efforts on playing those slots, in the hope you get a good RTP and end up with more money in your account at the end of your session than you started with.

There is one set of slot games you will find offered at casinos using Playtech’s gaming platform that is going to appeal to such players and this is their range of what are known as Multi Spin Slots, which are quite different from slots that you may have played before.

The main advantage from a slot players point of view of opting t play these particular slot games online is the payout percentages that they have been designed to payout to are huge and are ay higher than any other slot games on offer at these sites, and as such you should learn more about these games, which you will be if you carry on reading!


How Do Multi Spin Slots Work

The Multi Spin Slot Games have been designed as three reel slots, and when you lay then you will find that instead of playing just one slot per game played you will find several of them on the slot game screen. The actual number of slots you will be playing per game played will vary depending on the name of the slot.

When you have chosen one which takes your eye to play, then you first need to select a stake at which to play those slots for an then simply have to spin the reels, once the reels have come to a stop you are then given the option of holding and locking into position any of the reels for the second spin you can play, this second spin is free of charge and gives you another chance of forming a winning combinations if any of the slots didn’t spin in a winning combination on the initial spin.

As these games are quite unique and may take some getting used to and will certainly call for you to put into play a new type of slot playing strategy, Playtech chose to give them very high payout percentages as an incentive for players to test them out and play them. The slots RTP’s have never been changed since these games went live and as such they are still the best paying slots available at all Playtech casinos.


What Multi Spin Slots are Available

We shall now run through all of the available Multi Spin Slots you will find whenever you choose to play at a Playtech software powered online casino site. One thing to keep in mind is that these slot games do not boast any Slot Game Bonus Features and as such they are very fast playing and paying slot machines!

The Ugga Bugga Slot game comes with a set of ten reels on the screen, and as such you will be playing ten sets of reels per spin you play. This slot currently offers the very highest RTP of any online slot and that payout percentage is a whopping 99.07%.

The Ocean’s Princes slot game is another of the multi Spins slot games found in the gaming suite of Playtech powered casino sites which comes with an identical RTP to the game above. However, the main difference between this game and the one above is that you will only be playing five sets of slot game reels per spins you play, but that high RTP makes is a game always worth playing as a base game jackpot per set of reels worth a large 5000 coins is on offer.

The final Multi Spin slot game worth mentioning is the Triple Profits Slot, this game will let you play just three sets of reels per spin so may be suitable for players wish to play these high paying slot games but who only have a small modest bankroll available to play them with. The long term expected RTP of this slot game is high working out at 98.72%, and as such it is another game worthy of your real money gaming action!



It doesn’t really matter what online casino you choose to play at, for  you are always going to find the slot games on offer at any casino ate going o offer a range of slots game son which a different RTP is in play. However, for the maximum winning chances you do need to play those slots which come with the highest payout percentages.

If you choose to play slot games on which the RTP has been set low then you will not get the lengthy playing sessions often achieved on the higher paying slots and your gaming budget is going to be eaten away at a faster pace when playing low paying slots as opposed to high paying ones.

As you can play any of the Multi Spin slot games listed above for free online, then why don’t you log into a Playtech powered casino and put these games to the test at no risk, to see if the playing structure is one that appeals to you, even if you do not like the look of the slots the high RTP is something you should not ignore!

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