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Why Do Slot Machines have Different Payout Percentages?

The payout percentages of all online slot machines or for that matter slot machine that are available to you in any playing environment will all have their own long term expected payout percentage.

The payout percentage could be listed on the help files of a slot machine, on the pay table or listed somewhere on a casinos website and will be displayed as a percentage, such as 97%. That means that over the long term that slot machine is going to be designed to return to players 97% of their collective stake money as winning payouts.

However, being random games and due to their very unique design when you do set about playing any slot machine on one single session the payout percentage you could achieve during that session could be way higher than as in our example 97% or much lower, depending on just how lucky you are.

It is the reel strip layout coupled with the pay table and any additional bonus games and bonus features that will determine the payout percentage that any slot machine is designed to payout and that is why many slot machines do have very different payout percentages.


Which Slots Tend to Have Very Low Payout Percentages?

There can be quite a lot of different slot machines that come with some very low and unappealing payout percentages however we have found that it does often tends to be progressive slot machines that offer the lowest long term expected payout percentages.

There are several different reasons why a progressive slot machine may have a very low payout percentage but one of the main reasons is that a small percentage of your stake money is being fed into the jackpot pools.

Also, when a progressive jackpot is won by a player the jackpot then has a reset seed value which is also paid for by a small percentage of your stake money.

With that in mind if you are thinking of playing a range of different slot machines online in the very near future for real money you may be best advised to steer clear of any slot machine that has one or more progressive jackpots attached to them!

As you will often find the payout percentages are low on those slot machines which in turn means you will not get as many winning spins as you would when playing some much higher paying slot games online!


What Are The Best Slot Machines to Play?

It will be up to you and your own personal preferences in regards to just which slot machines you will enjoy playing, and which types of slot machines you will want to play time and time again as every single category of slot machine will have something unique about them.

However, at the heart of every single slot machine is something known as a long term payout percentage and that is an amount of cash that is displayed on the slot somewhere that each slot machine will return to players as winning payout based on the stakes they play through each slot.

With that in mind the very best slot machines in any slot game category that you should be looking to play will always be the slots that have the very highest of payout percentages as you will get more of your stakes back as payouts over the long term when playing such slots.

If you take a look around our website you will discover just which slots do have the very highest of payout percentages which could be as high as 99% or even slightly higher so look around and then play only those high paying slots online or on a mobile device!



Due to the very low overheads and running costs involved in operating an online casino site you are often going to be amazed at the difference in regards to the payout percentages attached and on offer on online slot machines when compared to bricks and mortar based slot machines.

However, do not be under the impression that every single slot machine that you come across online is going to be offering you a higher payout percentage than slot games found anywhere else, as you could start playing a very low paying slot and if you do so your money will not last that long!

So take our advice and take as long as is required for you to find out just how high or just how low the payout percentages are on many different online slot machines, and then make a point of only ever playing the very highest and best paying slots for you will get much more play time from your bankroll when you do so and you will get plenty of additional winning opportunities too!

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