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Why Do Some Slots Never Seem To Payout?

The way that any slot games you come across will have been designed is as random games of chance, but what you could experience when you play some slot games in any playing environment is long and sustained losing streaks!

It is of course down to luck and luck along as to whether you are going to have a winning session playing any slot game, but there are always going to be times when you simply cannot win playing any one slot game and that is something you do need to be aware of as a slot player!

There is nothing untoward in regards to when you are losing when playing any online slot games for they have all been certified and verified independently as being completely fair and random, so if you do seem to be losing a lot then it is simply due to you being on a losing streak, and that is something all slot players will experience at one time or another!

There are however a few little ways that you can ensure your chances of constantly losing are going to be negated, and below I will enlighten you on how to pick out slot games to play that are going to at the very least give you a fair amount of winning payouts if and when you play them!


Slots That Are More Likely to Payout

The one most important aspect of playing any slot games in any playing environment that ultimately always determine just how much you are likely to win when playing them is the payout percentage that they have been set to return to players.

If you play a slot game that has a payout percentage of 90%, then over your long term pay on that slot you are going to be losing 0.90 for every 1.00 you play through them.

Over the short term that figure will wildly fluctuate as you will be experiencing winning spins and losing spins at random, however over the long term that is how much you will lose when playing such a slot.

Therefore the easiest way for any slot player to ensure they do get a fair amount of winning payouts, over the long term is by making sure the slot games they play are those offering much higher payout percentages, so look out for slots that have a payout percentage of 96% or higher.


Understanding Variance

Variance is the name given to the way a slot machine has been designed to play and pay, and it is something you need to be aware of when you set about choosing just which slot games to play.

If you play  a low variance slot for example then you are going to be spinning in large numbers of small valued winning payouts when playing such a slot, for those slots have been designed to frequently spin in low valued winning payouts to give players more play time from their bankroll.

However, there are also medium variance slot games that will spin in a general mix of low to medium sized winning payouts when you play them, and you will also come across high variance slots.

There are lots of risks associated with playing high variance slots however for they have been designed in such a way that unlike low variance slot games you will not spin in lots of low valued winning payouts, instead you have a chance of spinning in and being awarded with much rarer huge valued winning payouts every now and then!



You do always have to take the rough with the smooth as a slot player for there are no real ways of knowing when you play any slot machines in absolutely any playing environment whether you are going to have a winning session or a losing session.

If you start playing a slot game that doesn’t appear to be paying anything out, then do keep in mind you can always stop playing that slot game and find another one to play.

Sometimes when you are playing slots and losing you get the feeling you are not really enjoying yourself, and if that is something you do experience then stop playing there and then and return to play that slot another time.

Making sure you know when to stop playing is also important so consider setting yourself a bankroll that you are going to play with and once it has been exhausted stop playing, but also have in mind a realistic winning goal and if you do hit that winning goal then stop playing and chalk up that session as a inning one.

The more times you do stop playing when you are winning and in profit the more fun you will have playing slot games and will never play each slot playing session until such a point your bankroll has been completely lost, which is sadly something a lot of slot players do.

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