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Big Foul-Ups from Slot Machines Erase Big Jackpots as well as Big Dreams

Posted by Samantha A. on Tuesday, November 15, 2016


Katrina Bookman who believed that her ship had finally came in as she hit a 43 million dollar jackpot while playing a slot machine when she was at a casino located close to La Guardia Airport in New York, NY.

But soon came the anger as well as disappointment, as there would be no ship for the mother of 4 that is from Queens, NY.

After believing that she just hit that huge jackpot she was informed that the slot machine that she was playing has malfunctioned, and that the NY gaming officials had ruled that she was not entitled to any of the winning.  But instead they offered her a steak dinner in which she had turned down.

It is the normal policy for all casinos across the United States is to in fact deny any jackpot payments in the case of a malfunction, although there have been many occasions in which lesser, non-jackpot disbursements are in fact paid out as a show of goodwill.

Casinos that are operated by the Indian Tribes that are located in Wisconsin have not experience anything close to this amount of the striking slot machine glitch in New York, NY, which took place in August and was reported for the first time in November.  Yet the gaming facilities do have guidelines as well as protocols that are in place in the occurrence that a slot machine does go erratic.

According to the Gaming Control Board that is located in Nevada, there are many reasons that a slot machine may malfunction.  These reasons include such issues as tampering, switch failures, coin jams, computer chip failures as well as a power outage.  The reason that the jackpots are in fact denied is due to the fact that the slot machine cannot complete the random selection process that it is supposed to complete.

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