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DO NOT Rule Out the Idea of Smart Slot Machines

Posted by Samantha A. on Tuesday, May 17, 2016


A question has been raised about the chances that a slot machine can sense a new player has not been at a particular machine for a period of time, and then pays out initially, and then it will stop paying out.

Consider the following; have you ever been in a public restroom where the sink turns on as soon as you place your hands under them, or towel and soap dispensers spit out a paper towel or soap as you wave your hand under them.

The short answer to this question is there are such machines (sort of) or many players believe there to be.  These machines are those you see that use a life sized cybernetic dealer, such as a very attractive young woman, which is placed in the center of a fully automated table game.  These machines are manufactured by SHFL entertainment and have been previously known as Shuffle Master or currently they are known as Table Master.

As these cyber dealers are on a dead game, they are placed into what is known as a tracking mode, as then can appear to be looking for players in order to occupy the five empty stations at the table.  But, if you walk by and ask the dealer if they are HOT or COLD, they will not respond to inquiry as they cannot hear you in order to respond to any of your comments ….. YET.

On the other hand once you are seated and playing at the table, these cyber dealers will prompt you to bet or even fold, take insurance, or even depending on the game that is being played take any other action that may be appropriate for that game.

With that being said, what the future holds for an interactive slot machine is anybody’s guess.  But, players should believe that YES a slot machine that can sense that a player has just climbed aboard is considerably closer to reality than many players just might think.

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