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Eye Aging Slot Machine in Las Vegas!

Posted by Samantha A. on Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Gambler’s eyes have been waiting on the prize with this slot machine. This three­reel slot machine that is very outdated has caught all the gamblers’ attention. It is a rare commodity in Sin City, and a main attraction when it comes to gambling. Why is this slot machine so special? Well, because it has yet to produce a jackpot in over two whole decades. That’s right, it hasn’t had a jackpot in over twenty years.


The Lion’s Bet


The slot machine is called The Lion’s Bet, which is located in the Sin City. the city that doesn’t have a shortage of losing bets. The twenty year old slot machine, has gathered quite the audience of devoted gamblers. Many have lost on the machine already, but many are also hoping they win the jackpot. This slot machine is located in the MGM grand, which is the strips second largest casino.


A Decent Bet


Since the slot machine hasn’t produced a jackpot is over two decades, gambler’s suppose it is bound to happen; and soon. It’s considered a decent bet. The machine is due to give a jackpot worth millions, the question is when? How many millions? These are questions these devoted Gamblers are waiting to be answered. Since it has been around so long, many people have already lost a lot of money on the machine. So the initial jackpot has basically doubled. It’s expected to be a nearly 2.3 million dollar jackpot.


If you happen to be in Sin City any time soon, and are feeling lucky stop on over and take a chance on the Lion’s Bet. You do have a good chance afterall. The question is when is that jackpot finally going to reign in after all these years? Well the only person who can answer that is the person who finally wins. That will be one lucky person because 2.3 million dollars is quite astonishing. The Lion’s Bet is definitely a machine to have in mind if you are as serious a gambler as the ones with their eyes already on it.

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