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Hearthstone Patch is now LIVE with extra Deck Slots as well as a Brand New Paladin Hero

Posted by Samantha A. on Tuesday, March 22, 2016


The Hearthstone’s 4.2.0 patch has finally blazed its own path onto the launcher, and bringing with the patch is the exciting solution to the community’s biggest long standing issue with the game itself.  The issue of the lack of deck slots within the game.  If you would like you are able to read the patch notes by going to Hearthead, but it has been confirmed that there are currently eighteen deck slot games that are available that enable you to create a slightly different build of the Secret Paladin.

These deck recipes have also been created in order to help creatively challenged players or even those who are new to the game to create new decks, and there is a new hero in the game Paladin as well.  Lady Liadrin is her name and she is the leader of the Blood Knights in the game World of Warcraft.

The site states that Lady Liadrin, who is another animated reskin, will be accessible through an up and coming World of Warcraft promotion.  As of yet there has been no word about how or even if she will be available to any player that does not play World of Warcraft.  Blizzard has been contacted for further clarification on this particular aspect but they have not yet replied.

At this time there have been no patch notes on the site, but this new update includes new designs for the card backs, as well as many new cards, as well as making a handful of smaller changes as well. It turns out that the latest technology that Blizzard has been waiting for all this time turns out to be just some hover text as well as a big arrow.

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