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How Virtual Sports Gaming Broke into the Slots Market

Posted by Samantha A. on Tuesday, September 20, 2016


Have you ever looked for the latest in slot releases and came across a virtual game of football, well it is a very good chance that you discovered a 1X2 Game.

Silicon Beach which is a UK based developer as well as a pioneer in those online fixed odds and those all-time favorite football virtual games.

During the lifespan of 12 year of the 1X2 games, this company has manufactured many of the very popular betting virtual games on the market today.  But these games that are considered to be fixed odds games are a very small portion of what this company outputs.  In their portfolio they also have a very impressive selection of slot games that are played online.  Here are some answered to some frequently asked questions about game development as well as sports betting.

How does a company actually decide on what slot game will be released? 

From the beginning of the slot idea to the end of the slot release, this whole process takes about 6 months.  In this time developers come up with a single idea, get that idea approved by the senior management, software developers develop the code, test the game then have its release.

What would be considered the most difficult part of the whole development process?

The most difficult part would be the first step in coming up with the initial idea for a slot game.  There are many different types of slot games on the market today, so validating why the idea for a specific slot is worth the time and effort to build is the most difficult.

Is mobile gaming considered to be the most important area to be expanded upon?

1X2 has already got a very extensive portfolio of mobile gaming that includes more than 40 games as well as many more on the pipeline.  The focus is now on making these games which can ultimately have a duel release for operators.

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