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Imagine Winning $2million off of a Buck

Posted by Samantha A. on Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Woman wins big on slot machine.

This is exactly what happened to a woman in Michigan. She played a slot machine for just $1.25 and won $2 million off of this. This is one of the biggest wins out there, and one of the best ones out there. No one thought it was possible, but when she hit the jackpot, it showed and many people were wondering how much she won. After they found out, they were impressed to find out that she just spend $1.25 to win it.


Playing the five slot Wheel of Fortune machine, she was just out to have a good time. She didn’t think she would be going home with so much, and just thought she could get a few more dollars off of what she had. While this machine has not had a jackpot winner, it was her lucky day. She seemed to have been happy with the outcome.


Spoken about from others, she is described as a woman that would do anything for others. This big win is a good thing for her, and a good payback for being such a generous and kind person to others. This just goes to show you if you continue to be a great person, and just wait your turn; something good might come from it. This woman is probably happy with the outcome, and is now wondering what she is going to do with all of that cash. Some say she is thinking about going on some trips to see the world around her, and perhaps maybe she will spread some of her good luck and love around to other places that might need it.


Who would have thought that the slot machine would give out such a big winning? Every time you go to a slot machine, you probably hope for the same earnings that she got, and most of the time you probably leave with nothing while other times you can turn a buck into $30. It all depends on the machines that day, and your luck. How long do you think you can stick it out for?

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