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King Cachalot Slots Astounds Once Again

Posted by on Tuesday, November 1, 2011

If you are set on winning big, Microgaming is your destination, as the company has long been famous for its generous payouts, usually exceeding millions of dollars. Thus, one of the players, who wished to remain unknown, hit the jackout of unbelievable €6.37 million after a successful streak on one of Microgaming’s video slots in 2009. This sum is still unparalleled in the online casino industry.

This year, the biggest sum won at King Cachalot is 1.5 million pounds. However, it is not the amount itself that is remarkable, but the way the fortunate player won it. According to him, he new well in advance that the clue to victory lies with the maximum bets. After the first spin he was astounded to see five logos in the active payline, which meant that the jackpot was his. That happened way back in may 2011, but the casino management took steps to ensure that the player did not use malicious software to cheat on their casino. As a result of the investigation, the lucky guy was given his highly-sought 1.5 million a couple of months afterwards. Microgaming managers comment on the winThe head of Microgaming’s UK branch Mike Hebden announced that his company is very pleased with their player hitting such a big jackpot, as this happens rather unoften, given that the man won straight after the first spin. The maximum bet, he also told the press, was no more than 100 pounds, which makes the 1.5 million win still more remarkable and convincingly proves that every player has a fair chance of success. According to Hebden, Microgaming has already paid out 285 million euro on progressive slots during their 15-year history in the business. Video slots, still generating the lion’s share of jackpots, are still enormously popular with players.

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