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Mafia Boss Slot Machine Mobster’s Collection Confiscated and Going on Show

Posted by Samantha A. on Wednesday, June 15, 2016


The state has seized a collection of art that included paintings by such artist as Giorgio de Chirico as well as Salvador Dali Lucio.

This highly prized art collection of a mafia mob boss Gioacchino Campolo, was confiscated by the Italian police, after he made a very large fortune by running tampered slot machines.

The Southern Italian city of Reggio Calabria has opened up a very permanent public display during this last month of the works of art that were confiscated from the collection of art that was owned by the mafia mob boss Gioacchino Campolo in an exhibition that is known as a “victory of the state” over what is known as organized crime.

The man who was known as the “video poker king,” who unbelievably made his fortune by tampering with many slot machines, was ultimately sentenced to a total of eighteen years in prison, as he was found guilty of extortion as well as being associated with the mafia among other crimes, in the year of 2011.  This 77 year old man, who is now wheel chair bound is serving out his time under house arrest due to his health issues as well as his age.  The state has finally seized many assets that were worth €330 million which included art works by artist such as Giorgio de Chirico as well as Salvador Dali Lucio Fontana.

After an exhibit at the city’s National Archaeological Museum in the year of 2013, the local officials persuaded many state authorities to release the 125 paintings from their storage permanently.   The display that will be at the Reggio Palazzo della Cultura will be a “representation of a heritage that was reestablished to the community”, states Eduardo Lamberti-Castronuovo.

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