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Meadows Casino 10 Foot Tall Slot Machine Stuns Patrons

Posted by Samantha A. on Tuesday, May 10, 2016


Meadows Casino located in Pittsburg has a total of 3,100 slot machines and one “Behemoth.”  On this 10 foot tall slot machine there are three awesome screens: one of the screens has “Big Bang Theory” as the other two are “Buffalo Stampedes.”

A total of six people was needed to put this huge slot machine together stated Michael Jankoviak the slot director.

This mammoth slot machine which is named the “Behemoth” stands almost 10 feet tall, it is stated to be the largest slot machine in the industry, with its 85 inch high definition television monitor as well as its surround sound speakers.

Liz Ehrenfeld who is a huge slot machine fan has admitted to playing every type of slot machine in the Meadows Casino.  She stated that she would grade this 10 foot slot machine at a nine and a half out of ten, she also stated that she would give it a whole ten if she were to hit the jackpot.

Doreen Latona is also a huge slot machine fan as she states that she has played this particular slot machine game when she was in Vegas.  She also went on to state that when she finished playing the slot machine game and got of the machine, someone else sat down at that very same machine and hit it big as they won 17 thousand dollars.

Two patrons are able to play each game as they sit side by side, there have questions raised about patrons fighting over who actually pushed the winning button?  The slot machine director stated that they do not miss anything that goes on within the Meadows Casino due to the simple fact that they have over 800 cameras installed throughout the establishment.

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