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Raid in Houston Brings up Close to 100 Slot Machines

Posted by Samantha A. on Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Over 100 slot machines confiscated during a police raid in Houston.

As police officers wound up doing a raid in the Houston area in a room where many people were said to go and gather for gambling fun, they have confiscated numerous slot machines, as well as tables where gambling was held. Over 97 games were taken and held in protective custody when it comes to showing the evidence for the owners of the game room.

When it comes to doing something like this, the owners know that it is illegal, which is why they make each and every effort to hiding and not disclosing the location of where this game room is. This however, does not always work to their advantage. It is something that someone, at some point, will become upset and say something about what is going on in the location.

That is what happened in this instance.

So What Does This Mean?

This means that when it comes to illegal game rooms, you have to not do it. This just shows how they are cracking down on those that do choose to go forward with this type of project and what happens when they are caught doing so. So what happened to the one that was running the game room, where is he now?

The one in question was held on a $750 bail, but he made bond and was able to get out until the trial date. However, all of the machines, the tables and even the clean records that he kept were confiscated in the process of the operation. This is the evidence that they are going to need to actually put him away. He doesn’t seem to be sweating it though, since he feels he is going to be getting off lightly when it comes to the gambling that he did and ran throughout a back gaming room.

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