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RTG Asia Releases Ancient Gods Slot

Posted by Maya Michaels on Tuesday, August 7, 2018


Ancient Gods is an exciting new slot addition coming from Realtime Gaming

Realtime Gaming (RTG) has developed a perfect new game to play for some sizzling summer slot action.

A brand new 25-reel, 5-row slot called Ancient Gods is here with loads of interesting symbols and features and therefore many opportunities to land some hefty wins.

Ancient Gods

You will not find the powerful Greek Gods on the reels, but something slightly different than you had expected. This mystical online slot title will take you back to the ancient kingdom of the gods, protected by immortal beasts called Guardians of the Holly, including Phoenixes, Dragons, Tigers and Snakes.

These immortal beasts are the heroes of this story. They once roamed the land and are now protectors of the reels.

“There’s evidence of these ancient beasts appearing in China over six thousand years ago. And now they’re back… Representing the four quadrants of the night sky and four of the five elements, the Green Dragon of the East, the White Tiger of the West, the Black Snake Turtle of the North, and the Red Fire Phoenix of the South, bring their legendary strengths to the game,” Realtime Gaming explained their exciting theme choice.

Five Dragons for Five Elements

The five fire-breathing beasts represent five elements of the nature.

The Green Dragon, representing wood, is the bringer of wealth and good fortune. The White Tiger, which stands for metal, is the protector and defender against bad luck. The Black Snake Turtle, representing water, ensures the longevity of the playing time and the wisdom of the game choices. And the symbol representing fire, Fire Phoenix, brings good luck.

The element that stands for earth is the Yellow Dragon which is in fact the incarnation of the Yellow Emperor of the center of the universe. Your goal is to discover scatters, Golden Medallions, since they reward you with celestial treasures and plenty of free spins.

The maximum win on this exciting title with stunning picturesque valley, with mountains reaching the sky is 7,500x your stake which is a nice opportunity to win a nice sum of cash. If you manage to land 4 scatter symbols, your prize doubles and landing 5 scatters will triple your win.

RTG has done a pretty amazing job with this slot, taking you on a journey into the magical realm of immortal guardians of the galaxy. May luck be on your side for some whopping prizes!

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