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Slots Revenue Falls for Harrahs

Posted by Samantha A. on Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Harrahs having a hard time getting cash from their slots.

Harrahs, the popular resort and casino is seeing a decline in their slot revenue and they are not exactly sure why there is such a fall?

Throughout the Pennsylvania state, so many casinos are seeing a drop in their revenues from the slots. They are down over $7 million and are wondering where the cash is going when it comes to being put into the casino. The table games are staying steady, so there is not an increase in these games that would make you understand that the slots money is going to the tables.

It is a place where people have lined up and enjoyed for many years, and it is now hitting the bottom when it comes to how many people are actually out there playing the games. They have always had a high reputation for the slots, where many people would come to spend all of their time at – not even bothering with the table games.

As of right now, if the amounts do not increase with time for these Pennsylvania casinos, they are looking at some financial problems in the works. Not saying that they will automatically jump to closing their doors – since their table games are doing well, but they will have to find something else to fill the void that is leaving the slots open and in a downfall.

This is something that has made a large change in their neck of the woods, but they do not want to see it as a bad thing. They are trying to make up for it and save the casino, before it does become too bad, like the casinos throughout Atlantic City that kept seeing drops in their income and then eventually were forced to close their doors.

Their Hope for the New Casino

They are hoping that this is not the same type of scenario and that they are able to pull themselves out of the hole and back into the gaming world. So many people frequent the casinos, that it would be a shame to see such a high drop happen and then have the casino not be able to recover in the months after.

PA casino owners feel hopeful since they have recently had a great season and are looking forward to another great one ahead. As of now, they are hoping for something much better out of the casino that they put together and are in the works of coming up with something that is going to be great for everyone involved.

So for those that regularly visit the casinos, do not worry – they have not forgotten about you and are hoping to make a full recovery and get back up on their feet. As for the additional extras that are going to be coming into play, we do not know what they are as of yet, but we will continue to keep you posted on them here at Money Slots.

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