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The King Of Gambling – Stanley Ho

Posted by on Friday, May 4, 2012

Stanley Ho is one of the most famous people in Asia, where practically everyone knows him, but we know little about the «king of casino games», so we decided to somewhat compensate for this gap, taking into account that the Ho’s biography is rich in various events. But of course he received the world glory and fame due to his immense wealth, the main part of which he managed to earn on games of chance.
Stanley Ho known as Ho Hang San was born in China on November 25, 1921. The family was large, consisting of 12 brothers and sisters; however, Stanley started his business independently, but let’s talk about everything in order. He began to get higher education in the Hong Kong University, but Ho was destined not to graduate from it, because the Second World War began.

At only 22 years old, due to his extraordinary abilities and knowledge of four languages he was made one of the partners in a firm engaged in the smuggling of various valuable resources through the Chinese border in times of war, with the help of this Ho earned his first capital. Smart Stanley invested the earned money in the construction and kerosene business, and as the construction industry in China at that time was developing rapidly he did not have to wait long for the income.

And in 1961 years owning a solid support of the Hong Kong magnate Henry Folk and well-known in Macau Juppe Hyun Stanley Ho and his partners for an incredible at that time amount of 410 000 $ won the tender for creating a gambling monopoly in Macau, having thus excluded the previous gambling baron family – Fu from the gambling market. Since then Ho began to create his gambling Empire.

And for half a century under the strict guidance of Stanley Ho gambling business in Macau works like a watch, today, by the way, he owns all gambling houses in Macao and Hong Kong. It was he who became the author of sport lottery SLOT, which became the first in Asia. One third of all real estate in Macau and most of real estate in Hong Kong belong to him.

Created during these years gambling empire brought Ho billions of dollars, only for 2005 all the casinos, bookmaker offices and lotteries brought Stanley about $ 4,8 billion, which allowed him to enter in a hundred of the richest people of the planet according to the version of magazine Forbes. Ho is the richest man in Macau, and he takes the 13th place in the list of the rich people of Hong Kong. But despite its considerable age, a little more than two weeks ago Stanley Ho was 90 years old, the King of gambling is unlikely to slow down the speed and is trying to control all of his Empire himself.

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