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The Slot Machine Innovations has Investors Weary

Posted by Samantha A. on Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Slot machine industry is changing to a whole new ball game.

The new era of gaming is among us and the process it took to get here has been a long and strenuous one for those who have put millions into the innovation process. With the old style slot machines becoming a thing of the past and Casino’s looking to draw a younger crowd the new slot machines will be a major part in that process. There was a $16.5 billion dollar project put in place less than 2 years ago that is closing in on its time to be revealed right now. By the end of the year the new slot machines will be spread throughout the Casinos across the country.

Scientific Game Corporation and International Game technology are the leading companies in the new innovative age of slot gaming. These two companies are slotted to create the gaming of the future. Scientific Game will eventually hold on to 25% of the shares for the new slot machine explosion that will take place across North America. The negotiations over the last year has made major progress when it comes to the shareholders who believed the original 40% Scientific Game was demanding had been too high for a hopeful strategy. Now that the particulars and projections have been made about the new slot machines and the actual profit that can be made the Investors are starting to see its vast potential.

The introduction of skill based slots will bring a new twist to the industry. This will allow players to benefit much more off of skill and not luck like the old slots. Scientific Game is the leading controller of the lottery market and has generated majority of their money lamping in the lottery for years and now hopes to take its reigns inside the casino. The gaming world is still generating millions in annual profit but slot players have declined as the tables become the biggest money market in gaming.

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