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What is it that Makes a Slot Machine Stand Out

Posted by Samantha A. on Tuesday, April 12, 2016


The Buffalo Slot Machines are some of the ones that are the most popular slots that are in many casinos that are located in Las Vegas.

Put in your $20.00, and then hit the button, then you wait to see what happens.  If you have played one slot machine, you have pretty much played them all, right?

Wrong, people who play these slot machine games frequently have their favorites; this is based on factors that go way beyond how often that particular slot pays off.

What is it that sets one slot machine apart from all the rest?

Looking at the Buffalo series of slot machines, these slot games include – the original, the Buffalo Deluxe model, the Buffalo Grand model, as well as the Buffalo Stampede.  If you were to enter any casino you will be sure to find them.  This particular slot games has been named the very top-performing game for 4 years in a row within the Goldman Sachs Slot Survey.

What actually makes a slot game such a huge hit just may surprise you.  It is actually largly about math.

Slot machine games are designed around many mathematical formulas that will determine the frequency as well as the size of the payouts.  High-volatility slots are built on mathematical formulas that will generate massive but very rare payouts, while on the other hand low-volatility slot machines yield much smaller payouts but on a more regular basis.

Many players have stated that the Buffalo slot machine strikes an almost perfect balance between a high and low volatility game.  This particular slot machine appeals to a very wide range of players, starting at those who seek large payoffs to those who are just very content in receiving lots of spins.  The mathematical formula used with the Buffalo slots tend to keep the players sitting at the game for long periods of time, this is partially due to a bonus that is designed to provide free spins.

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