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Woman from Hawaii Wins it BIG Playing one of Las Vegas’ Slot Machines

Posted by Samantha A. on Tuesday, August 30, 2016


The Slot Machine that paid out close to 11 million dollars is known as the Megabucks which is located in the Wynn Casino, But this is far from the largest jackpot to be recorded in the history of Vegas.

Every so often the house does actually lose.  A woman who is from Hawaii has learned that lesson, by winning close to 11 million dollars from a 3 dollar bet that was played on a penny slot located in Las Vegas just this past month.

The Wynn Hotel and Casino which is located on the famous Las Vegas Strip established that the woman who has actually decided to stay anonymous, that is from Oahu, Hawaii won a total payout of $10,777,270.51 about 9:00pm on Sunday, August 21, 2016 while she was playing a Megabucks Slot Machine, that ultimately takes 3 dollar bets.

This particular slot machine was actually designed for Wynn Resort, which was named after the resorts owner, Steve Wynn.  The Slot Machine game actually features a picture of Mr. Wynn at the age of 74.  This particular machine does not payout in coins like those traditional slot games.  So the winner was not actually drowned in pennies after winning it BIG on this machine.

The state of Hawaii actually imposes a 11% tax on all winning from a casino, which in fact means that at the minimum 1 million dollars of her total winning will end up going straight to the Aloha State’s coffers.

Despite that fact that this win was very impressive, it is far from breaking the record.  The largest ever jackpot that has recorded in history was actually won by a young man of the age of 25 who claimed his winning at a total of $39,710,826.36 with a 100 dollar bet which also came from a Megabucks slot machine back in the month of March of 2003.

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