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Woman was bitten in the Ear over a Slot Machine in Local Casino

Posted by Samantha A. on Tuesday, July 26, 2016


A trip to a casino ended up with a trip to a local hospital for one woman, Susan Keyser at the age of 51 years old.

Susan stated that she was attacked over a slot machine seat while at the Remington Park Casino.

According to the local police reports, Susan Keyser stated that it all started when she was not having any luck with winning when she was playing the slot machine that she was playing, so she decided to move over to another machine that was previously occupied by Berdie Fleming a few minute before.  Very shortly after Susan sat down she won a bonus round on that slot machine.  Then when Susan won some money from that particular machine, Berdie confronted Susan stating that the machine was hers and that Susan stole it.

According to the reports that were taken when Susan sat down at this machine the Balance stated zero and that it did not have any credits left on the machine that may have belonged to Fleming.

Fleming continued to scream at Keyser and the situation kept escalating at this time Fleming proceeded to bite Keyser in the left ear after.  While this was going on Keyser’s husband was trying to get the security officials to intervene on the situation.  The police official that was on site stated that the victims earlobe was hanging barely by just a bit of skin that was connected to her head.

Birdie Fleming was arrested as well as booked into jail on the charge of maiming.

Susan Keyser was medically treated while she was still at the casino, then transferred to the local hospital for further treatment.

Keyser’s husband stated that his wife had to get 32 stitches in her ear, which was hardly worth the whole twenty five dollars that she won that started this whole thing.

At this time it is unclear if Susan Keyser will end up losing part of her ear or not.

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