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Prime Minister Tackling Slot Machine Problem in Italy

Posted by Samantha A. on Tuesday, September 6, 2016


Matteo Renzi who is the current Italian Prime Minister has finally announced the decision to get rid of all the slot machines that can be located in the shops, bars, as well as many hotels around the country.

During an Interview Matteo Renzi stated that he ultimately had no intentions of financing the earthquake rescue by ultimately increasing prices on such things as petrol as well as gambling.

Renzi also announced that the government would in fact very soon unveil the plans in order to get rid of the slot machines that are located in cafes, bars, as well as hotels that are across the country.

These machines are in fact a very important source of proceeds for the government that actually brought in a total of €8.7 million in the year of 2015.  Even though they have placed better regulations within the industry, this may indeed face conflict from many of the business owners.

A document that has been released by Italy’s Joint Conference of the state and regions Notes: While on the one hand slot machines actually do provide a very important as well as needed tax revenue for the government, they also involve very important social significances that just cannot be ignored any longer as they have been ignored in the past.

This particular government plan is to include the removal of any and all machines that are currently located in hotels, restaurants, shops, as well as any beach resorts.  The plan will also include reducing a large number of slot machines that are currently located in newsagents as well as any bars.

Italy’s government is also trying to put a limitation on the number of hours on which slot machines will be able to be played in order to tighten up on any illegal gambling which will in fact include stricter regulations placed on casinos.

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