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7 Reel Slots

With 7 being considered a lucky number, it was somewhat inevitable that there would be a 7 reel option after the 3 and 5 reel slot games. There are a growing number of 7 reel slots to choose from with the first ever online 7 reel slot option being the Lucky 7’s game. This remains a popular game but thankfully there are a huge range of 7 reel gaming options to choose from, so you should be able to find a game that is right for you.

With the majority of online slots being 3 and 5 reel options, you may need to dig a little deeper to find the best selection of 7 reel gaming options but there are choices available. Hopefully you will be able to find a great selection of 7 reel slots and as you would expect, the top names in the online casino game industry are well worth checking out. Anyone looking to have 7 reel slot fun should rely on the industry leaders.

Look hard for 7 reel slot options

RTG are always going to be an excellent choice when it comes to slots and this is true for anyone looking for 7 reel slot options. Big Shot and I.R.I.S. 3000 are both progressive slots with bonus elements. Given that RTG is one of the biggest and reliable options when it comes to online gaming, choosing from this range is an excellent starting point but the games are very enjoyable too.

Farming Future and Lucky 7s are the main 7 reel options available for players playing on WGS casino sites. These are both very popular options and complement the main range of slots very well. One of the most confusing things about the Top Game range of games is the fact they power the 7 Reels casino site but there are no 7 reel slot options to be found on that site! This is not good news at all for players keen to experience the widest range of slots opportunities.

7 reel slots are not always easy to find

Cryptologic are another casino company with a Lucky 7s game and this style of game deserves a lot of credit for taking the slot industry onwards. The game took many players by surprise with regards to how easy it was to get used to the additional reels. Improvements have been made on the screen layout and style but for the first of its kind, this game is definitely a brilliant option and one that remains popular with slots players.

7 Reel Slots Games for US players

With 7 reel slot options considered to be around the cutting edge of casino gaming, it is no surprise to learn that many of the modern and forward thinking US sites are providing 7 reel entertainment. It has to be said that a great number of casino sites, US and non-US friendly alike are struggling to provide enough 7 reel slot action to meet the demand but the software providers are listening to the casino players and moving things forward. There should be enough casino opportunities at the moment to find 7 reel gaming options but if not, don’t panic, as there are more on their way.

It was inevitable when 5 reel slot games became popular that people would be looking to take the next step in their casino playing. To that end, the emergence of 7 reel slots has definitely been a welcome addition to the casino industry. Players love these games because they provide more ways