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Classic Slots

The foundation of the whole online slots industry can be found when taking a peak at classic slot machines, also referred to as fruit machines in some locations. Actually the latter greatly describes what these machines are really about – fruit symbols. There's not a whole lot of features associated with them compared to game types like video slots or 3D ones, however that might also be the main selling point of them. People who aren't fans of loaded games with a cool million of features might be looking exactly for them. Land based casinos are slowly starting to replace these with the modern games, as the majority of people prefer those. On the other hand, finding and playing classic slots online is not a problem. All major software providers still develop them, with some adding a little piece of the functionality to improve overall user experience.

So in order to enjoy playing these gambling machines, your best bet is joining an online casino site instead of going to the brick & mortar gambling establishment. You'll benefit from the variety of games as well as the comfort and convenience online gambling brings.

Classic Slots Slots

Classic Slot Games

A common question we personally get is ''How do classic slot machines differ from video ones?''. To start with, there's a myth that if a slot game features 3 reels, it's a classical one. Well, that's just not true as we already know several gambling software providers who create modern, loaded video slot machines featuring 3 reels.

The easiest way to determine whether a game is a classical slot is by taking a peak on the symbols in the game. Almost all of these will offer fruits as a large portion of symbols in the game along with the popular ''BAR'' icons. If you see these symbols, you can almost be sure that the particular game is a classic slot machine.

How To Play & Win?

Playing fruit machines online is as simple as doing the same in a land based casino. You'll have to join an online casino and make a deposit, if you want to play for real money. If not, you can also do it free, of course. Once you've picked the game to try out, simply select your bet wager and hit the spin button.

Determining whether you have won is also a really basic goal. To start with, the slot machine will make a sound or even a visual effect every time you have formed an active pay-line. Secondly, due to the nature of these games, they only feature a handful of pay-lines over 3 reels, missing any wins is almost harder than spotting them.

Common Features

While classic slots are far from the most action packed ones, some of them still offer something lucrative that leads to having some massive payouts. One of these ''features'' is a will symbol – while not all gambling machines will feature these, the majority will. Wild symbols will substitute for any other symbols in the game and often also double the normal payout, when a wild forms an active pay-line.

Another feature is the fixed jackpot – referred to as the maximum win in the particular game. This can be claimed when 3 of the highest value symbols, usually symbols of the number ''7'' form a full pay-line consisting only of these. On the other hand, some classic slots online will actually offer a chance to win a progressive jackpot – either via bonus game, randomly or when a specific set of symbols appear.