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15 Line Slots

A funny thing is happening as online slot designers push the envelope by producing games with larger and larger numbers of pay lines. Though slots with 100 or more lines are clearly popular (or else designers would stop producing them) it is clear that a certain number of slot gamblers are demanding access to 15 line slots. The same is true for titles that are truly traditional; more single pay line (categorized as “traditional”) slots are now available at big betting websites than were hosted at the sites just five years ago.

Maybe Internet slots have finally stopped the push toward bigger, louder, flashier, and more complicated designs. Obviously anything classic is called that for a reason – we shouldn’t be surprised that 5, 10, and 15 line slots are popping up at Internet casinos with regularity. It seems it was inevitable for gamblers who experienced 1,024 Ways or 100 line slots produced by Microgaming to desire a return to simplicity.

15 Line Slots Slots

Best 15 Line Slots Games

Atomic Age

Atomic Age is one of Rival Gaming's five reel slots with fifteen available pay lines. The game's retro look includes reel symbols and other elements that capture the nostalgia for all things 1950s. Two scatter symbols are used on Atomic Age, one that looks like a drive-in movie theater and the other a drawing of a pretty female cashier in traditional 1950s waitress costume. The game also has a wild symbol, a classic 50s-style UFO image that also doubles as a multiplier. Those three symbols are part of the reason why this game has one of the highest hit frequencies of any in Rival's collection.

Cash Splash

When Microgaming Solutions produced the original three reel Cash Splash titles it was the first online slot machine with a progressive jackpot. This game has been a big success for Microgaming, so much so that they produced a five reel version that has remained popular. To win the progressive prize the bettor has to activate all fifteen lines. The Cash Splash logo, this slot’s wild symbol, triggers the progressive payout if a player is placing fifteen pay line wagers. Winning the progressive prize requires a fifteen line wager and the appearance of a Cash Splash symbol one all five reels, though the symbol can appear on any of the game’s fifteen lines.

Our Thoughts on 15 Line Games

Slots in this category are becoming a little less common as designers produce more titles with dozens or even hundreds of available lines. One of the benefits to placing bets on 15 line slots is the large variety of themes and game features available. Variety is a big deal for Internet slot players since spinning reels and flashing lights tend to get a little repetitive. Designers have a lot of freedom on titles with large numbers of line, and though fifteen isn’t by any means the largest available online, it is a large enough number to give designers lots of freedom in terms of side bets, themes, and bonus rounds.