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Crazy Crocodile Slots
Slots Features
  • Software:
  • Reels:
    Release Date:
  • Paylines:
    Scatter Symbol:
  • Coin Range:
    $0.25 - $5
    Bonus Round:
  • Maximum Bet:
    15 coins
  • Jackpot:
    4,000 coins
    Wild Symbol:
(1 votes, average: 4.00 out of 5)
U.S. Players Not Accepted

Crazy Crocodile is one of Microgaming’s classic three reeled slot games. It’s not one of their finest releases, but if what players are looking for is a classic slot with a wild card thrown in for fun, then this might be the game for them. As you might have figured, the theme of this game is crocodilian in nature, with the slot containing three separate pay tables, each depending on how many coins the player wagers.

How to play Crazy Crocodile slots online

This is a 3 reel, 1 payline non-progressive slot machine game, with coin values that vary from $0.25 up to $5. The player can wager a maximum of three coins per spin, which sets the minimum wager in this title at $0.25 per spin. At its most expensive, players can expect to pay $15 a spin on the maximum wager.

Standard single, double and triple bars make up the lower paying icons in this slot machine, whilst better rewards are in store for players who line up any of the 7 or crocodile icons. The crocodile icon is particularly rewarding, as it can be responsible for two separate types of payouts, but we’ll come to that in a little more detail below.

Crazy Crocodile Slot Bonus Features

In this classic slot, there are two special features. Both of these features are related to the crocodile icon. Three crocodile symbols located anywhere on the reels will award scattered wins, whilst three on a payline will reward the jackpot. The crocodile icon is also the wild symbol in this slot, and when found, it can substitute itself for any symbol the player might need to complete the payline.

Crazy Crocodile slot Payouts

Any one or two crocodile will pay out small sums of money, with each payout based on how many coins the player has wagered. Generally speaking, whatever the payout is for a specific set of symbols, that payout is double when the player wagers 2 coins per spin, and trebled when he or she wagers 3 coins per spin. Winning combinations include any 1 crocodile, any 2 crocodiles, any 3 bar symbols, 3 single bar symbols, 3 double bar symbols, 3 triple bar symbols, three 7s and 3 crocodiles scattered anywhere on any of the reels. The latter is worth 200, 500 or 1,000 coins, depending on whether 1, 2 or 3 coins per spin have been staked by the player.

The Crazy Crocodile jackpot

In order to win the top jackpot, players must line up three of the crocodile icons, but on the payline, not just anywhere on the reels, like they would with the scattered win. If the player is wagering 1 coin per spin, they can win 1,000 coins for this. If the player has 2 or 3 coins wagered, then the jackpot shoots up rather astronomically, to 2,500 coins and 4,000 coins, respectively.

Other notes on Crazy Crocodile

Although there is a pretty decent jackpot in this classic slot, worth $60,000 in total, and it also uses wilds and scatters; there are some negative points about it. The slot game features truly bad graphics, with the most ridiculous looking crocodile you ever did see, as the main character and icon.

However, graphics aren’t everything; so, if you focus on the best parts of the slot, like the massive jackpot and cheap wagers, you may still find Crazy Crocodile quite appealing. It really all comes down to what type of gamer you are. If you are kind of gamer that prefers graphics, then you may disappointed. But if, like most gamers, you’re more interested in good gaming opportunities to win serious money, then Crazy Crocodile might just work.

The actual game is pretty decent enough, one can only wish that Microgaming would have invested a bit more time and effort into the overall look.

Where to play Crazy Crocodile Slots