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Cutesy Pie Slots

Slots Features

  • Software:
  • Reels:
    Release Date:
  • Paylines:
    Scatter Symbol:
  • Coin Range:
    $0.25 - $5
    Bonus Round:
  • Maximum Bet:
    15 coins
  • Jackpot:
    2,500 coins
    Wild Symbol:
(2 votes, average: 4.00 out of 5)
U.S. Players Not Accepted

Slot machine games don’t really come anymore cute and cuddly than Microgaming’s Cutesy Pie. Pretty in pink is definitely the word you are looking for, when describing this very silly themed slot machine game! Although it is quite hard to come by in many casinos, even ones that offer lots of Microgaming titles, Cutesy Pie is still online to be played. Considering its design, it might not have much of a pull on the male gambling audience, but a large $37,500 jackpot might change some minds and turn some heads.

How to play Cutesy Pie slots online

Provided that you are still interested in this 3 reel, 1 payline cuddly non-progressive slot, then you can set your coin values to anything from $0.25 up to $5. A total of three coins can be wagered per spin. This allows the classic slot to get away with having minimum wagers from as cheap as $0.25 per spin, and puts a cap on the maximum wagers at $15 per spin, which is still moderately cheap to play.

Love hearts fill the reels most of the time, as the lowest paying icons. Blue single bars, purple double bars and green triple bars all represent medium paying icons in the slot. The best paying icons are the pie symbol, yellow sevens and blue sevens. Oh, and if you are wondering what is written on the hearts, it says “I love you!” Cheese is guaranteed with this Microgaming release!

Cutesy Pie Slot Bonus Features

The one thing this slot really needs to make it more attractive to a larger gaming audience is a couple of specials. And funnily enough, this is the one thing that Microgaming has completely neglected to put into the slot. With no special features at all to speak off, the reasons why this slot would become a popular one are fast running out.

Cutesy Pie slot Payouts

Players can pick up rewards for any 1, 2 or 3 heart icons on the payline. It is also important to note that players will receive very different prizes for the same symbols; based on how many coins they wager spin. The more coins they stake, the better the prizes. Any 3 bars, 3 single bars, 3 double bars, 3 triple bars, 3 pie symbols and 3 yellow 7s make up best of the standard payouts in this classic slot game.

The Cutesy Pie jackpot

However, if you want that big jackpot, the one that is worth thirty seven and a half grand; you’re going to need to spin well. The top jackpot can only be won with three blue 7s on the payline. There are also three separate sums of money that can be won for this combination, just like the other symbol payouts. 500 coins can be won if the player has one line wagered, whilst if they have 2 coins staked, they could win double that, with 1,000 coins the prize for the same symbols. The top jackpot, the one you all want to win is worth 2,500 coins and can only be won with 3 coins staked, and the maximum wager set.

Other notes on Cutesy Pie

This slot certainly might not be everybody’s cup of tea, and it might not be the smartest move by Microgaming to market a very cute and cuddly slot and expect it to appeal to a wider gambling audience. However, let’s not forget that there are plenty of other themed slots out there that don’t appeal to other gamers.

If you love cute and cuddly slots, then you are probably going to enjoy this one. Real, true criticism should stem from the fact that there are no special features of any kind, especially when Microgaming is known to include at least wild symbols in many of their classic slot games.

Where to play Cutesy Pie Slots