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Gladiators Gold Microgaming Slots

Slots Features

  • Software:
  • Reels:
    Release Date:
  • Paylines:
    Scatter Symbol:
  • Coin Range:
    $0.25 - $5
    Bonus Round:
  • Maximum Bet:
    15 coins
  • Jackpot:
    4,000 coins
    Wild Symbol:
(2 votes, average: 4.00 out of 5)
U.S. Players Not Accepted

Without being critical of the fact that the theme of this classic Microgaming 3 reel slot is nowhere to be found on the reels or icons anymore than we already have, let’s try to see Gladiator’s Gold as just another 3 reel classic, and judge it on that. As for as set up goes, you mostly all know how classic slots, work, but what you don’t expect is there to be a large jackpot, cheap gameplay, decent payouts and 3 paylines. That is though, what you will find in this classic slot machine game.

How to play Gladiator’s Gold slots online

Gladiator’s Gold contains 3 reels and 3 paylines for gamers to play, increasing the chances of winning substantially, more so than what you’d get from an ordinary single payline classic. The wagers are the same as in a single payline slot too, so you’re essentially getting more for your money. Players can stake anything from $0.25 up to $5 for the coins, and wager $0.25 up to $15 per spin, which is a max bet of a fiver on each payline.

The icons aren’t roman in theme at all, and are instead typical classic slot in design and look. Those icons happen to be single bars, double bars, triple bars, gold sevens and red sevens (stamped with a roman seal, or coin in the centre). What should be mentioned about these icons is that standard they may be, but they payouts they offer certainly aren’t standard.

Gladiator’s Gold Bonus Features

As a classic slot machine game, there are no special features worked into the design of this slot. Instead, players are left to their own devices and lady luck, when seeking out a big win. The additional 3 paylines though, does offer some hope of a large win without special features.

Gladiator’s Gold slots Payouts

It is good to know that players can enjoy high payouts with standard icons in this classic slot. The lowest payout is for any 3 bar icons. This payout is worth a total of 5 coins, although players can acquire double that if they land 3 single bar icons on a payline. Three double bar icons is worth double that again, for 20 coins; whilst 3 triple bar icons will see the player win 50 coins. Any three 7’s on the reels will see the player win 75 coins, whilst the best standard payout is worth 150 coins for three gold 7s on a payline.

The Gladiator’s Gold slots jackpot

The player must line up three of the roman red 7s in order to win the jackpot. However, there is a teeny problem. What payline the player lands those symbols on, will ultimately determine how much of a jackpot they are entitled to win. Ah, the curse of the paylines becomes clear at last!

Players who land all 3 red roman 7s on the first payline (central), will win a jackpot of 1,000 coins, whilst players who manage to do this on the second payline (top), will win a larger 2,000 coins. Finally, players who have landed the three icons on the third payline (bottom), will walk away with the top jackpot of 4,000 coins. This could be worth $20,000 if the maximum wager is set.

Other notes on Gladiator’s Gold

What you effectively have with Gladiator’s Gold is simply a larger scale version of a classic slot machine. Microgaming have wisely decided not to use wild icons, which would push it more towards being a video slot, rather than a classic slot.

The use of the classic bars and sevens icons can be a bit disappointing if you were hoping for swords, shields and anything else concerning the actual theme of the game; but you are playing a classic slot after all, you expect these icons, don’t you?

Where to play Gladiators Gold Microgaming Slots