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Mark Of Medusa Slots
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How good is your knowledge of Greek mythology? With Mark of Medusa, learning the hierarchy of Olympic gods is both fascinating in itself – and financially beneficial! This online slot features 5 reels and 25 paylines. To enter this splendid game, simply go to an Internet casino site and download client software.

Play Mark Of Medusa

Medusa is the central symbol of this gambling machine, looking like a head of some monster. But what exactly was this Medusa like according to ancient Greeks? The myth has it that Gorgon Medusa was one of the monster sisters that had female faces and snakes instead of hair. Anyone who dared cast a look at them immediately turned into stone. This metamorphosis, as you shall later see, is of primary importance to the game.

How to Play

Perhaps, you will even feel your hands and legs are turning to stone as you are losing a fortune… Of course, this is all untrue. Actually, the Medusa head is a wild symbol that only helps you supplement winning combinations. The more coins you bet, the more generous Medusa becomes, and so, anyway, you will end up in the black and thank the Greeks for their creativity.

According to the legend, Gorgon was killed by Perseus. He flew into the sky and, riding on his horse, the Pegasus, fought Medusa looking at its reflection in his shield, because looking directly at her meant immediate death. He cut Medusa’s head and gave it to Athena as a gift, who later used it as weapons. Even the look of dead Medusa was still powerful enough to turn people into heaps of stone!

Strategy & Tips

Although we all know the whole story is just a fruit an ancient imagination, Pegasus is still helpful in the slot, as it acts as a scatter symbol. When more than two winged horses appear in any part of the screen, the player is in for a prize. Three Pegasus horses open a way to free spins with generous prizes.

Three-headed dog adds flavour to the game and guards the entrance to the underworld kingdom of the dead. The aesthetics of the slot is complete with amphoras, helmets, and swords of ancient warriors. Immerse into the Greek mythology deeper and deeper with every spin!

Where to play Mark Of Medusa Slots