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Are Slot Machines For Losers?

Slot machines, when this word is said many fans of the play in the casino disgustingly grimace. However if you ask gamblers why they prefer a roulette and card games to slots and video poker, then most people will answer, saying that slots can be “charged” to a certain percentage of the winnings, and the percentage of chance of winning at slot machines is much lower than in the classical casino games. And yet, it is understandable when frequent customers of real casinos, not trusting computer programs, discuss it, but when you hear such arguments from the new gamblers play (including professional ones) in the online casino, then you start to wonder against your will . So before we move on to the main part of the article, let us define what we understand by the slot machine. In some countries traditionally this term is understood as slots and video poker. We will take the same point of view.

In a real casino slot machines are electromechanical (representing electromechanical rotating barrels, set in motion by clicking on a button), and video slots (the illusion of the spin of the reels is created by the screen of the monitor). In internet casino there are naturally only video slots (although in some internet casinos a touching division into the alleged “classic slots” and video slots and video poker can be found. What is video poker, I hope, does not require an explanation.

Now, if you ask the average visitor of the casino, which of the games is the most advantageous for the gambler, the most versed most likely will name you Black jack or French roulette and they will be partly right, but only partly. And I think they will be shocked when they find out that, in addition to strategies for the classic casino games, there are strategies for playing slots, as a percentage of the benefit of the casino in these slots is lower than in many classic games.

And in video poker, for example, in his such a well-known version as “Jacks Or Better” the advantage of casino is only +0.46%, but this is only if you follow the right strategy of the game. And in video poker “Deuces Wild” at the correct bets the advantage of the casino in general goes into the negative zone -0.77%. Yes, yes! I am absolutely not kidding, if you stick to the correct strategy, the “Deuces Wild” is one of the few games, which allows a gambler getting advantage over the casino. However this advantage is very meager and strictly adhering to the chosen strategy is extremely desired occupation, but if your objective is not simply to relax in the internet casinos, but pull out of it money, the slots and video poker may become for you the “golden key” of the prize. Well we shall talk about the strategies and secrets of the game in slots and video poker the next time.

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