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Is Bitcoin a Viable Casino Payment Method?

If you live in one of the many countries of the world that have seen fit to bring in all manner of rules and regulations in regards to online casinos, then you may have a very limited number of options available to you in regards to how you can make a deposit into such a site.

Many credit card issuers for example in certain countries of the world will not allow their card holders to make a deposit into any casino site, and many web and e-wallet providers do not allow customers from certain countries to sign up and use their web and e-wallets too.

As such you could be faced with having to use a deposit option such as Western Union or even MoneyGram, and if so you are going to be faced with some huge transactions costs and additional fees and charges if and when you do use either of those to money transfer services!

But there is a brand new and very cost effective way that you can now make deposits into any casino site, no matter where you live, and that is by making use of a cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin.


Instant Payouts with Bitcoin

By getting a digital currency wallet you are then going to be able to buy Bitcoin at one of the many different digital currency exchanges, and you will have plenty of different options available to you in regards to how you can buy Bitcoin from those exchanges too.

Once you have funded a casino site account using Bitcoin you are then going to have the ability of claiming casino bonuses and plenty of promotional offers that you are always free to do when using any other type of payment method.

As such you will not be making any compromises in regards to the many additional extras that many casino sites shower upon their players if you do end up deciding to use Bitcoin.

However, one of the major advantages of choosing use Bitcoin as your preferred payment method at most casino sites, is that when you put in a request to get paid out your winnings, those winnings are then often going to be processed and sent out to you instantly.

As long as you do pick and instant paying casino site you will then never have to sit and wait whilst your withdrawals sit pending for a few days and those funds will become available to you the very second they hit your Bitcoin digital wallet.


Additional Costs of Using Bitcoin

There are however some additional costs that you are going to have to factor into your gambling budget if and when you make the decision to start using Bitcoin, and with that in mind I will now give you a quickly insight into what they are.

When buying Bitcoin from a digital currency exchange you will be given a range of different payment options to buy that digital currency with, and depending on which one you choose to use there will be a fixed fee for buying Bitcoin with that payment method.

There are also miners fees to be paid too when buying or even selling Bitcoin those fees allow the miners to add your transactions onto the blockchain to ensure they are valid and accounted for and accessible to you.

Plus, when you come to turning your Bitcoin holdings into any fiat currency there will also be a fee for doing so, but those fees can and will vary depending on just which digital currency exchange you have chose to make use of.



Before you start using Bitcoin I would very strongly advise that you familiarise yourself fully with the many additional security aspects of using that digital currency, for you will never want to put your Bitcoin at risk.

You are going to find that there are a number of different ways that you can store your Bitcoin, but one of the best ways is to ensure that you never store the details to your digital wallet on your computer for if that computer is hacked or breaks down never to work again then you will lose your Bitcoin too!

It is also very important that you pick and choose the casino sites you play at carefully too, for you will never want to take any additional risks when playing at an online casino site.

With that in mind you will not find a better range of casino sites than those showcased and fully reviewed through this website, so please do take a good look around for by doing so you are going to come across many different online casino sites may of which do now accept Bitcoin and also a range of additional digital currencies too, and all of those casino sites do of course some highly recommended.

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