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Do Newer Slot Machines Have Higher RTP’s?

If you ever visit land based casinos you will often see brand now slot machines being rolled out onto the gaming floors, and one thing that is perfectly legal for the operators of those machines to do, it to set them to play with a much higher payout percentage that other slot machines on those gaming floors.

What a casino operator will then do, once the machine have been on the gaming floor for a few days or in some cases weeks, is to lower the payout percentage down, so that they can earn more money from it over the long term

The reasons why they do that is to stir up some interest with players in those new machines, for if a player gets plenty of play time, and triggers lots of bonus games and bonus features when playing a new slot, which they will do when they have higher payout percentages, those players are much more likely to play it when they visit that casino again in the future.

However, that is something that most online casino operators are unable to do, for the payout percentages at the vast majority of online casino sites cannot be adjusted, either upwards or downwards once they have gone live.


Picking Out the Slots You Like to Play

If you have not yet stated to play slot machines online, then you may just be wondering how diverse the range of slot games are at online casinos, and one thing that will often amaze first time online slot players s just how many different slots are available to them at all casino sites.

What you will find are a good mix and spread of three reel slots, progressive slot games and also more video slot machines than you could ever play in one single session, so I am more than confident if and when you do switch over to playing slot games online you are going to be guaranteed of finding the exact type of slots you enjoy playing the most.

If you are looking for some exciting and entertaining slot playing sessions then consider getting stuck into playing video slots or fruit machines, for the way those types of slot games have been designed is such that you will find plenty of bonus games and bonus features can be triggered when playing them.


Higher RTP’s Means More Play Time and More Winning Payouts

One thing that you should never underestimate as a slot player is the value you will get out of playing slot games that have been set with high payout percentages.

The RTP’s attached and on offer on online slot games are often way higher than those you will find on slot machines found in a land based casino gaming floor, therefore over the long term when playing high RTP slots online you will get more winning payouts and will get some much longer slot playing session too.

Bonuses and promotional offers are also much more readily available to online slot players than those visiting a land based casino.

The overall costs associated with running and operating an online or mobile casino site are a fraction of the costs involved in running and operating a land based brick and mortar casino and as such the operators of online casinos do tend to be much more generous when it comes to making available to their players lots of ongoing high valued slot game related bonuses.

So by playing online in a real money playing environment you will ever go short in regards to what you will have showered upon you by ay of promotional offers and deals or ongoing bonus offers too.



If you do want to see if playing at an online casino site is going to be something that you will enjoy doing, and want to see just how much fun and entertainment you will have by playing slots from home on your computer or laptop, of even on a mobile device then be aware you are going to have the option of playing for free at any time.

Most first time online casino players will spend a few hours playing a range of different slot games and other casino games at a casino site they have never played at before via the free play demo mode versions of those games.

I should point out that the free to play slot and other casino games you will have access to at any of our featured casino sites do have the exact same payout percentages as the real money versions of those games.

Therefore when playing them for free they are going to be designed to play and pay in much the same way as they do when you switch over to playing them for real money, the only difference if you are playing with no risk credits and not real money credits when you play for free!

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