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Is it Possible to Save up Bonus Games?

Each of the casino sites that you will see listed and fully reviewed throughout this website have been designed in such a way that if you ever get cut off when playing, when you reconnect to the casino site any game you was playing when your internet connection when down will be restored.

They will be restored at the point in time that you go cut off, and as such if you were part way through playing off any slot game bonus feature for example, when you reconnect you will then be able to carry on playing off that bonus feature.

That does however also means that it is possible for a player to log out of a slot game when the bonus feature has been triggered, and they can then play off that bonus game at any point in time in the future that they wish to play it off.

Many players do like to save up bonus games in that way when playing lots of different slots, and then they can pick and choose one playing session when they then return to each of those games, and that session will of course be an exciting one and a potentially high paying one too!

Saving Up Bonus Games Using Bonuses

You are going to be best advised to only ever consider saving up slot game bonus games when you are playing in a real money playing environment.

For if you set about doing so when using bonus credits, even if you run out of those bonus credits  all play through requirements that you have so far not achieved will still be in play on any winnings you go on to achieve at a later date when playing off your bonus game winning payouts.

Even if you go on to make a deposit when you have no bonus credits left but have bonus games still to play off that were triggered when playing with bonus credits, those funds you deposited will often also have those left over play through equipments attached to them.

The best thing you can do is to read through the terms and the conditions attached to any casinos bonus offers, and also double check to see if the casino site is going to allow you to save up your bonus games as not all of them will be happy for you to do so!


Slots That Trigger Multiple Bonus Games

To have any chance what so ever of triggering lots of different slot game bonus games and bonus features you will of course need to know just which slot games do give you a slightly better chance of actually triggering a bonus game in the first place.

It is often going to be those slots on which there is more than one bonus game on offer that will trigger them much more frequently, so be on the lookout for any slots offering free spins along with pica and match or pick and win types of bonus games.

You may also find it worth checking out some of the many fruit machines that many casino sites now have on offer to their players these days.

Fruit machines have all been designed in such a way that there can often be dozens of different and unique bonus features and bonus games waiting to be triggered when you set about playing them and as such you are much more likely to trigger them much more frequently when playing fruit machines than you ever would when playing a video slot game for example.



If you are still finding your feet so to speak in the online slot player environment, then never be in a rush, for by doing some research you are then always going to know just which casino sites are going to be the very best ones to play at.

One place I would encourage you to pay a visit to is out section of this website that showcases all of our featured and top rated online and mobile casino sites.

By doing so you are going to be able to read through an array of different casino site reviews and by doing so you will get a full overview of just what types and categories of slot games each of them have on offer.

Not only that, but we have been able to negotiate some very high valued bonuses at each of our featured casino sites, and as such by signing up to any of them that you do not already have an account at, you are going to be able to claim plenty of high valued bonuses that are going to allow you to boost your bankroll and get plenty of additional play time out of your slot playing bankroll too!

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