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Bonus Games In Slot Machines

When talking about video slots, it is impossible not to mention such a thing as bonus games. Many gamblers seriously believe that the bonus game is a sort of confirmation of their ability to play, i.e. in their opinion, if a gambler plays well, then bonus will drop out more often. Unfortunately, this is a common misconception. In games where everything depends on luck, there are no gamblers, who plays better or worse. So, if someone hopes to prove its worth as a gambler with frequent falling out of bonus games, he is mistaken.

Bonus games in slot machines are regular winning combinations, which a gambler receives when he is lucky. There are no other options. The slot machine has no possibility to determine whether gambler-1 plays better than gambler-2, and who of them is worthy of the bonus. However, video slots have another interesting characteristic. They give the player the feeling that he finally gets the opportunity to affect the gaming process. The fact is that subconsciously even the most experienced gamblers in the slots realize that nothing depends on them: push the button and hope that desired number will fall out. In the bonus game something still depends on the gambler. At least he has the opportunity to make a decision independently.

Thus, bonus games are just a nice addition to the basic process, which in addition entertains gamblers and creates in them a sense of emotional attachment to a machine. The winning or losing of the gambler is often determined in advance. If the random number generator believes that it is time for you to meet with a bonus – it means that it will fall. If the generator worked not in your favor – it won’t fall out. It, alas, doesn’t depend on any mythical skills, of any alleged skills. I am sorry to disappoint people, who all their lives have believed, that they have some skill, allowing them to experiment with the video slots, but the truth is what it is.

However, undoubtedly, it is more pleasant to play, when you think that something depends on you. A kind of feeling of belonging to the process appears, and any psychologist will tell that such a feeling is a very strong motivator.

You should pay attention to one more interesting feature. It is a question of the duration of the game. A number of producers of software for slot machines confess directly that the bonus games in slot machines are programmed in such a way as to fall out only after a certain number of spins. Though, of course, this doesn’t always happen. The author of these lines was not once lucky to see the bonus game after the second or the third spin. But, all the same, it is better not to count on such luck.

Nevertheless, if for you the fundamental question is, whether bonus can fall out in the first rounds, it is better to ask about it at once. In a number of online casinos this can be written in plain text in the unit Help. And it is not worth trusting some mythical skills, workmanship, etc. There is only luck, and usually it does not depend on you, unfortunately.

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