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Bonus Slot Machines

If a gambler that for a long time played on slot machines, constantly speaks of himself as a professional tells about his achievements – ask if he knows what bonus video slots represent. If he has nothing to say about this, you can be sure that he is not a professional. The experienced gambler is perfectly aware of the bonus games, understand them brilliantly and can tell you a lot about what you need to do when on the screen an additional video game suddenly appers. There are people who play on online slots, just to try themselves in a bonus game.

Hence there arises a reasonable question: what are the advantages of bonus slot machines, if the experienced gamblers in one voice declare that they are not ready to give up games with bonus features for any other games of chance, because sometimes additional rounds are very difficult to pass, and not always the risk can be called justified.

Most often bonus slots, waiting for you in online casino, are specially singled out in a separate category. Their main difference from the usual games is that in them there are additional prize-winning rounds – they are called bonus games. Most often for the bonus game to fall out for a gambler, it is required that several bonus symbols gather on barrels. Very often the symbols are those related to the theme of the slot. The probability of falling out of the bonus on different machines is quite different. Somewhere prize-winning games fall out as from a horn of abundance, and somewhere they may be very rare. However, as practice shows, the majority of gamblers, who were fortunate enough to try their luck in a prize game, are ready to sit for hours in front of the screen later, only to have bonus video slots reopened for them.

So what are the advantages of bonus slot machines? Their main advantage consists in the fact that the game is on them much more interesting, than on conventional machines. Games with bonus features give the opportunity to dilute the monotonous rotation of the barrels. Even professional gamblers sometimes get tired of performing simple operations, in which, in fact, nothing depends on the gambler. Bonus games give the gambler the impression that now at least something in fact depends on him. The first in this field was the company Rival Gaming, which began to produce the bonus video slots, where the bonus game is similar to this video game with graphics of high quality, where you should pass levels and gain points.

If you have never tried to play bonus slot machines, then you have lost so much, and you should correct this deficiency as soon as possible. We can say that the bonus machine is two games in one, and the games are quite different. It is this diversity, this ability to switch from one type of spending time to another, which can be called the basic secret of bonus games that make them so attractive. Of course, the possibility to increase the winning at the expense of the victory in the bonus game is also an important factor affecting the popularity of bonus video slots.

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