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Gamblers And Slot Machines

In fact, slots are a full invention of the United States and a natural consequence of the industrialization of a century ago. In the beginning of the 20th century sale of slot machines all over the world brought America incomes that are commensurate with revenue from trading cars “Ford” and electric bulbs GE. In those years, a San Francisco newspaper “Chronicle” wrote: “There are 1,500 five-cent slot machines in the city, their number is growing, but they are all doing good business and making huge profits:”. The New World has become an ideal starting point for the global expansion of slot machines, having successfully combined in it more than a century ago new technologies and centuries-old passion of people to the Game.

By the way, about people, about those, whose persistent desire to beat the one-armed fate annually loads bigwigs of gambling business with money (the scale of the game fever is proved at least by the fact that in 1999 the tax on slot machines in Nevada amounted to 15 billion dollars). Why in fact are slots so attractive? Studies have shown that these reasons are both various and well known:

The enjoyment of the game.
Many people get pleasure from the process of the game, regardless of whether they win in the slot machine or lose.

The winning.
In fact, each gambler would like to win. In general, the gambling business owes to its rare well-being with this innocent desire.

The passion.
The atmosphere of the gambling hall is usually itself encouraging. The interior of the game centers, sound of games and the sound of coins, money, lucky gamblers and losers, and numerous kinds of activities help create an atmosphere of excitement.

The rest.
Paradoxically, gambling room may also become a place for relaxation. At some point the gaming display becomes more important than anything in the world. Then you are almost out of money.

The attention.
The staff of the gambling halls must create a special warm atmosphere. There are many ways of expressing attention and recognition to your customers, the purpose of which is to give the visitor the feeling of his own importance. Having inspired in him this innocent sense, it is desirable to bring him quickly to a video game and move on to the next client.

The risk.
Some people get pleasure from the game, because they managed to “break the bank”, play successfully or “win ” the slot machine. This “safe” risk attracts visitors of the casino and gambling halls.

It should be noted that, even 20 years ago slots were inferior in popularity to such a classical kind of gambling business, as table games. But already in the late 1980s, the share of entertainment devices in the structure of revenues of the entertainment industry reached 59%. This stunning push to slot machines was given by the American company YGT, which invented the system of progressive winning – the jackpot. Jackpot allows you to combine the bets and winnings of thousands of slot machines, connected by a computer network.

Some aspects of human psychology, the study of which has long been a concern of the companies from the sphere of the gambling business, are also important. In the opinion of psychologists, slots seem to customers more honest than the dealer in a casino. Greater democracy of gambling halls in comparison with the pompous casino also plays its role.

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