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Gambling Systems

The Internet is cluttered with casino gambling systems of every hue, but, as a matter of fact, these strategies are not that manifold. The larger part of the systems seen on the Net are mere modifications of different betting strategies that will not reduce the casino’s advantage over you. This is especially evident in games like roulette, Sic bo, crepe, slot machines, etc., where the result is not dependent on your actions. In most cases, those systems introduce you to bankroll management (BRM in short).

Martingale gambling system.

This one is the most famous of all the strategies proposed; based on a number of false mathematical premises, it creates the illusion of a long-term victory over a casino. Swindlers usually try to sell it for pretty handsome sums, advertising Martingale as a secret strategy that works wonders after you buy it. Roulette is the game where it is most widely used, so let’s take this game as an illustration. Suppose you bet $1 on black. If you guess right and the ball lands in black, this means that you have won and next spin of the roulette wheel sees you betting on the same colour. However, if the ball lands in red, you make your bet on black again, this time placing $2. If you lose your bet once more, to win back the total amount of your losses, which is $3 ($1+$2), you place your bet on black, the bet being $4, etc. The fans of the system explain its advantage with the fact that the probability of the ball landing in the same colour for a lot of times at a stretch is inappreciable, so, sooner or later, you will win back all your money with interest. This is far from being true, of course, as the ball of the roulette has no recollection of past landings and it does not care how many times it landed in the same colour. Before each new spin, the probability remains unchanged.

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