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Interest Payments In Slot Machines

Some gamblers, constantly facing with setbacks at play in the casino, begin to argue seriously that their losses were adjusted. They say, in the casino, everything is arranged so that the gamblers will only lost. I guess this is not quite the correct opinion. Of course, slot machines in the casino are not designed to provide victory to customers. But it would be more correct to say that slots are programmed not to ensure that the player’s loss, but to increase the probability of winning of the casino. What is the difference and how is this achieved?

Naturally, we don’t speak about that a program that provides low-interest payments in slot machines, controls the slots. If casino had set such programmes, it would have been a natural fraud. In a number of countries, where gambling business is legalized, such actions from the side of the casino would have led to the fact that the casino would be closed and its owners had to pay a very large fine. But it is also the fact that casino simply does not need the open foul play. Ordinary mathematics works for it completely free of charge.
Yes, of course, I can admit that in some dubious casinos and on one-day websites, in the halls of slot machines that can be found in under crossings – in such institutions they can simply cheat. But for the great casino it is completely unprofitable to cheat clients. So, choosing the casino to play, look at him closely and read reviews written by experienced gamblers.

An important parameter, which has a value for any game of chance is the mathematical expectation. It shows what result on average can be obtained from each bet in the game. Usually the mathematical expectation is expressed in percentages. If a sign “plus” stands before the number of percentages, we speak about a positive mathematical expectation, i.e., we will win. Well, if before the percentages, we see a sign “minus”, it means that we have before us the probability that we will lose. So, if we say that the expectation is equal to 88%, this means that for every $100 bets, we get $88.

Let’s explain all this mathematics by a simple example. Let us imagine that we are dealing with a kind of an abstract slot machine, which has three winning combinations.

Combination of symbols Probability of a combination Payment of a combination
A-A-A 0.001 500x
B-B-B 0,05 5x
C-C-C 0.1 1x
There is no combination 0,849 0x
Mathematical expectation of the game: -15%
The overall percentage of payments: 85%

How the result, equal to 85%, appeared? The fact is that mathematical expectation represents the sum of the amounts of the random variables and probability of their occurrence. Therefore, substituting these amounts into the formula, we obtain
MO = 0,001*500 + 0,05*5 + 0,1*1 + 0,849*0 – 1= -0,15.

For us this means that the mathematical expectation is equal to -15%, that is, each spin in the slot machine will cost us 15% of the stake. The probability of winning at a casino, in its turn, is in this case equal to 100-15%, i.e. 85%. As you can see, without any deception the chances of the casino exceed ours almost in six times.

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