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Misconceptions About Slot Machines

Many years have passed since the appearance of the first slot machines, but misconceptions about the work of these video slots and one-armed bandits still continue to live in the minds of the gamblers.

During the most part of the twentieth century slot machines were pretty monotonous. All the same 3 whirling barrels, rotated by the spring, which a gambler activated by pressing the lever, and then with the help of electric motors. The position, in which gambling barrels were in the time of the stop, for the most part, depended on their gravity.

In those distant times, the time of rotation of the barrel of a slot machine and the number of symbols on each of the barrels remained the same. A consequence of it was that the chances and probabilities could be easily calculated by a simple drawing up a scheme of symbols on the barrel machine. And the clever players could change their bets, depending on the current positions of the gambling barrels.

Everything changed once and for ever, in 1984, when the engineer Inge Telnaus patented a computerized method of calculation of the results of the game. As soon as this system was spread in the brand-new slot machines of casino, gamblers no longer trusted them. As a result of a great number of myths was born about the fact that the computer chooses for a gambler the winning or losing result of the game, depending on the success of the gambler in the past spins or the myths, as if the player may have the better chances to win by any manipulations with the bets.

People (and all the more gamblers) have little trust for computers and digital technologies, because poorly understand them. Well, and because they find it difficult to believe that the result of computer selection is really random. Thus, myths continue to exist, starting with the logical, but erroneous, and ending with absolutely ridiculous misunderstandings. I think that now is the time to publish a brief description of the most common misconceptions about the slot machines, which are erroneous, and also present you the real facts. Facts from the gambler of casino, the dog съевшего on this.

But first let’s see what actually invented Telnaus in his computer system, which is the basis for all slot-machines of today. His patent was soon bought by the just only created by that time company International Game Technology (IGT) that used a new technology until the expiration of the patent in 2004. This technology quickly became world-famous as a “virtual barrel”.

That is now the results of the games in slot machines no longer depended on the movements of the physically tangible game barrels. Instead, the result of each rotation was calculated as a certain number of the computer program. Low-paid or not paid results were presented on the virtual barrel by large sets of numbers, and symbols of jackpots only by a few numbers or even a single number for the whole barrel.

These numbers were recorded in the gaming chip together with the device of the random number generation (RNG), which continuously creates all possible combinations of spins with a great speed. According to the new technology, as soon as gamblers pulled a lever or pushed a rotation button, the mechanism of electronic slot machine at random generated numbers, which corresponded to the random arrangements of barrels.

By manipulating the combinations of numbers, corresponding to each symbol, manufacturers were able to calculate theoretically the interest payments of newly-invented slots, based on computer modeling of millions of spins in it. Since then, a mathematical genius, clever gamblers could no longer calculate the chances, looking at the table of payments, because the physical rotations of the barrel lost sense, and nobody, except the developers themselves, knows how many symbols contains a virtual drum of one or another slot – 50 or 50.

Now the device RNG selects the result of the rotation and gives the signal to the computer that controls the step motor to stop the barrel. The barrels began to be used only to display the result, selected at random by this device.

Today it is written more about RNG and systems of virtual barrel in magazines than about the other details of this game of chance. Readers time after time sent us numerous myths about the functioning of slots, in which gamblers still believe.

Let’s study the most common misconceptions about slot machines, as well as the facts, fully revealing them. We think that myths, of course, will continue to exist after reading this article, because they have a life of its own. Nevertheless, we shall try to give you some facts, which, we hope, will simplify your game in online casino.

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