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Modern Slots Require A Special Approach.

Modern slot machines are not those that were 20-30 years ago. They are even not like they were 10 years ago. The game on slots has changed so significantly, that the new technology made it possible for gaming industry to control the way of our game. Let’s look at the slot statistics just in the USA:
The annual account of the year 2000 made by the Commission for the games of the state of Indiana showed that the casino’s income was 20,5 billions dollars from 16.278 places for game, and the sum of winnings was 1,3 billions dollars. In 2007 the number of places for game increased to 18.600 and the income of the gambling house was 26,5 billion dollars, and the sum of winnings was 2,2 billion dollars.
The annual account of the year 2000 made by the Commission for the games of the state of Illinois showed that the income of the gambling establishments was 23,5 billions dollars from 8.882 places for game, and the sum of winnings was 1,3 billions dollars. In 2006 the number of places for game increased to 9.888 and the income of the gambling houses was 24,1 billion dollars, and the sum of winnings was 1,7 billion dollars.
Taking into consideration that these comparisons show the increases in the number of machines and increasing of bets – the most disclosing statistical quantity – is a disproportionate increase of casino’s income from new slot machines. Upon the whole, it happens that gamblers make more stakes and win less.
The main reason for the growth in incomes of gambling establishments is hidden in the rapid growth of the number of multilinear video slots with multi-stakes of low denomination, in which the producers the higher percent of the benefit of gambling house. Cent slots has returned but in illusive form.
In many cases machines receive even 100-dollar notes, while the minimal stake on such a video slot may be just 1 cent. In the next articles I shall describe you the mechanism with the help of which these cheap, as it may seem, “one-armed bandits” swindled out of gamblers big money. No cheating, only psychology. And now let’s see how we should play on modern slots to take pleasure in it, and probably – winnings.

Bets in modern slots

The canceling of metal coins and counters reduced overhead expenses of land-based casinos. Now operators don’t have to counts coins all day long, “vouchers” (tickets with a magnetic stripe) have become the effective currency for gamblers. The way to prevent yourself from excessive spending – is to put in the machine the voucher, which doesn’t exceed the sum that will be comfortable for you to start playing with.
If you usually play on 20 dollars and it is recommended to make a voucher of 100 dollars cash into five tickets of twenty dollars for five different rounds of play on the machine. Putting your 100 dollars in the machine once increases the temptation of betting more money and playing longer than usual on any slot machine.
Start to look upon these tickets as a comfortable way to save your profit. Probably, even try to collect them, cash them when you have doubled your money on any slot machine instead of pursuit a big winning. Turn your 20$ into 40$, cash them and go to another one with another twenty, it is a method of active playing on modern slots.
Besides, never “throw away” the credits left on your voucher. If you play, for example, with 25 credits in circulation and slow down to 10 credits, then put into the machine more money or cash the remnants and go away. You don’t want to get a bonus or a huge winning exactly on the payment line, on which you simply don’t have enough credits, do you?
Always play on a maximal quantity of lines in multilinear machines, but the amount of stake on the line should meet your budget. There is not sense in the refusal to win. And there is no sense in losing everything too fast, you have come here to gamble, haven’t you? Then make such stakes that won’t lead you to bankruptcy already after 5 minutes. Believe me, with modern video slots it is quite possible.
Be careful with the button Max Bet in modern video slots. In comparison with classical analogs, where the maximal bet usually doesn’t exceed 3 coins, today’s slots offer ultra-low bets on one line, but taking into account that there are many such lines and it’s possible to bet to 20 coins on one line, the maximal bet may be a big sum, which you probably are not waiting.
Before sitting down to a slot and gambling, study a payout table. If it is not comfortable for you to make a maximal bet, when it is the only way to have a right for main winnings, just turn to another one, with slower bets.
Finally, always play on the highest denomination of coins. Avoid such games, for example, where on 20 lines there are three credits on a line of two cents (total bet – 1.20$ for a spin), when you usually play on 25 lines and one credit on a line in a 5-cent machine (total bet – 1.25$ for a spin). The benefit of casino on two-cent slots is usually higher than on 5- or 25-cent ones.

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