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Online Casino Bonuses

For you to better understand the bonus system and its advantages, we’ll give you an example from real-life casinos. If you had ever been to a casino, you must have noticed that in some of them (particularly in those that charge an entrance fee), you are given so-called lucky chips – the chips you can play on but which you cannot exchange for cash. Instead, you could win real chips having a certain cash equivalent with the lucky ones. Since the competition among Internet casinos is fierce, bonus conditions are much more advantageous there than in real-life gambling houses. However, to know which bonus best suits your needs, read the tips below.

Always read the rules.

Before accepting a bonus, carefully read its conditions and the sum of the wager for a particular bonus. Also, don’t forget to check which games you can play using the bonus. As a rule, casinos don”t allow winning back bonuses in the roulette, blackjack or video poker; otherwise, they set high wager requirements for these games.


The term refers to the sum of bets that the player is required to make after accepting a bonus. Wagers are counted according to the following formula: wager (deposit + bonus) * wager quotient. This quotient is set separately for each bonus, and may depend on the game type, your status and even your citizenship. Suppose you made a $50 deposit. The casino offers you a 100% bonus on it with wager 30, which you cannot win back in the roulette, blackjack or video poker. This means that the sum of your bets should be no less than ($50+$50)*30=$3000 before the bonus conditions are considered fulfilled. Please pay attention that $3000 is not the sum of your gain, but the sum of your bets. For a wager, every bet matters, whether it is a win, loss, or draw. Of course, the lower the wager/bonus relation is, the prettier the bonus appears. It is of importance, too, which games enable to win back the bonus. By the way, the wager rule appeared as a reaction to numerous attacks of bonus hunters. Who these hunters are and why casinos dread them, read here.

Sticky (phantom) bonuses

These ones are especially recurrent with Playtech casinos. They imply that after winning back the bonus, you cannot take back the sum of the bonus. Because of this, such bonuses actually appear to be short-term credits provided by the casinos to their clients.

Bonuses bind the deposits

Remember: after accepting a bonus and making even a single bet, the bonus conditions automatically become effective in almost all the casinos. After that, you won”t be able either to take the bonus or return your deposit. The explanation for this practise is obvious: casinos need to protect themselves from bonus hunters.

Automatic bonuses

Some casinos automatically give you a bonus after your first and sometimes second or third deposit. If you receive such a bonus, don”t rush to start the game, as you won”t be able to get your deposit back before having completed the wager requirements. As a rule, these bonuses are burdensome for players; for instance, they are only applicable to slot machines. If you receive this kind of bonus but have an intention to play the roulette or blackjack, where the bonus conditions do not apply, simply contact the site”s support team, which operates round the clock, and ask them to take the bonus back.

Payment method bonuses
A number of casinos encourage their players to make deposits not with credit cards, but with a bank transfer or through systems like by giving them bonuses reaching 10% – 15% of the deposit sum.

First deposit bonuses

Such bonuses depend on the day of the week, your country, and the actual sum of your first deposit, ranging from 50% to 200% of the sum. Occasionally, they are given automatically (see above). As a rule, such bonuses are less advantageous for you than other types.

No deposit bonuses

These are the safest for players. They can be a mere subtype of a first deposit bonus, but are usually given to long-playing customers. The wager conditions are rather strict, which is understandable given that casinos risk a lot when issuing this bonus. No deposit bonuses are highly-sought by every casino hunter; they are fixed and usually range from $5 to $10.

Comp Points bonuses

They are small bonus scores given for playing on a slot machine for a long time.

VIP Casino Bonuses

Online casino sites usually don”t mention them expressly. Such bonuses are only given to high rollers (see more information about them on our site). These bonuses may be of an extremely diverse nature. What they all have in common is that their conditions are dramatically different from usual bonuses offered to conventional clients.

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