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Online Casino Games

As in real-life casinos, online establishments offer a basic set of games that differ depending on the software and the exact range available. However, all the casinos offer their players virtually the same games. The only difference lies in the number of modifications of these games. Let us take blackjack, for instance, which is found everywhere: one casino can offer only a couple of types of the game, while another one offers more than a dozen. We shall now tell you about typical online casino games according starting with the most popular ones.

Slot machines.

Slots could be divided variously depending on many parameters, but, on the whole, they are classified into two big groups – classical slots and video slots. The former copy traditional slot machines operating on reels, without an LCD display, and the latter are an improved version of classical slots. Strictly speaking, all Internet gambling machines are video slots, as all the interaction between the player and the machine takes place on your monitor screen. For the sake of convenience, though, we will continue to employ the terms ‘classical slots’ and ‘video slots’: online casinos only simulate the activities in a real casino, and do not come up with anything particularly new. Classical slot machines have three reels and one payline. Video slots, on the contrary, may be devoid of any reels, but usually feature three or even five paylines. Such slots may operate on PartyGaming software. The number of paylines in video slots ranges from three to 55, but you can come across machines with one hundred or even 243 paylines (in MicroGaming software). Among these machines we should particularly highlight those that feature jackpot systems (these systems usually connect several casinos operating on identical software). Apart from that, video slots feature bonus games, wild and scatter symbols, special rules that depart from usual ones, and AWP prize slots. Besides, there is one more quality that divides slot machines into two uneven groups. The matter is that slots are so designed that your winning or losing is completely independent of your actions. Even when you play a bonus game on a video slot, the result is predetermined before you start it. Therefore, pay attention to the so-called i-slots – intellectual machines where the outcome depends on your skills and abilities.

Video Poker Machines.

These are extremely popular intellectual games on the Internet and in real casinos. At first sight, they are similar to video slots, but there is in fact a world of difference between the two. Your result in video poker is very much dependent on the decision you make. In most online casinos, your winning odds are the same as the casino’s if you build your strategy correctly.

The roulette.
In most casinos, besides a classical roulette with a single zero, there is an American one with two zeros, and a French roulette (where you lose only half of your bet if the ball falls on zero on equal chances). Register at any online casino to know more about the rules of this fascinating game.

Casino Card Games.

These include modifications of blackjack, baccarat, casino war, and various poker-against-the-casino games. In case you are a blackjack enthusiast, you’d better use Playtech or Microgaming software with scores of blackjack varieties.

Poker Based Games.

These are a subclass of card games and are found in plenty at any casino, including Oasis Stud Poker, 5-card stud poker, Pai Gow poker (played also at Asian casinos), three-card poker (known as ‘tri card poker’ at some casinos because of the copyright issues), Russian poker, red dog, etc.

The dice.

The dice include craps and Sic bo. The latter, by the way, is very popular in Asia.

Asian Casino Games.

Online casinos offer games that originated in China. For one thing, it is Sic bo (a pair of dice). The game is truly Asian, even judging by its same, which means ‘two dice’ – in fact, there are three in the game! Another Oriental game is Pai Gow poker – a blend of western poker and eastern Pai Gow (sky dominoes), which, by the by, was very popular with Hong Kong actor Jackie Chang during his visits to Macao.

Keno and Bingo.

These games came to us from England and are very similar to our lotto. As a rule, the games are confined to specialised gaming sites – so-called bingo rooms, but casinos offer them as well.

Casino Arcades.

They are found only at online casinos. Arcade casinos are humble yet exciting games where you can play on virtual as well as real cash.

Scratch Cards.

These are very interesting psychologically. It is no secret that many players derive special pleasure as soon as the stakes are made, but the results are still unknown. At this very moment the biggest portion of adrenaline is released. This happens when the ball is running on the wheel, or when the reels are rolling. Scratch card casinos encourage their players to wipe. There is nothing special in it, but when you play on real money, the adrenaline overdose is guaranteed!

The Games Rules.

Different software sets different rules for the same games. Our advice is to carefully read the rules before starting a serious game.

Payout (House Advantage).

This one varies in different games and with different developers. It is hard to define in the slots, but it is easily estimated in video poker. In poker-against-the-casino games and blackjack a lot is dependent on the game rules. In classical games, such as the roulette, the mathematical odds of a casino are the same everywhere – both in real and online casinos.

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