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Online Casino vs Online Poker

You have already noticed that our site is concerned with online casinos. This article, however, is an exception, as it deals with playing poker through Internet. For the newbies, online card games and online poker are the same, but in fact these two types of game are different as night and day. Online casino is a way to spend time and relax, and so is online poker. You can sometimes win at a casino, but you can”t earn there. Things are different with poker. The explanation is very simple: at a casino, players compete against the establishment, while at a poker table they play against each other. Poker rooms (those sites that host poker competitions) only earn a small commission from every bank the players have agreed to play. If you wish to play poker for sheer pleasure, register at any poker room and get down to the game, but remember that, unlike casino games, club poker is an arduous game. Perhaps ”arduous” is not the best word – the game is very tricky. Poker rules are relatively simple and can be dealt with in the course of 5-10 minutes; to play professionally, however, you”ll need much more training.

How online casinos exploit the popularity of poker.

Many online gambling providers run both casinos and poker rooms. You need to know one important thing: for online business owners poker is a money-maker, and so it is for the players. Therefore, revenues from poker are substantially lower than those from casino games. As a result, casinos try hard to allure poker players to them. They often make use of newbies” ignorance: many inexperienced players have heard that poker is a profitable game, and so without getting any further information they rush to register at sites that in fact prove to be casinos, not poker rooms. Another distractor for beginners is the fact that poker competitions often take place inside casinos. No need to say that all this plays into online casinos” hands. For one thing, playing poker requires solid skills, so it is virtually impossible for an untrained player to win anything without hard drills and mastering the theory of club poker. Online casinos, on the contrary, offer fast buck right from the start. Beginners get carried away by this and get addicted swiftly.

Ways online casinos attract poker players.

This is all about advertising. What else could you expect? Go to any online casino site – and you will see any ads related to poker. A small link to a poker room is all you will possibly come across. Things are different with poker rooms (but only if they are run by the same company that owns a casino). The home page of every poker room is stuffed with casino ads. Another example from real life: in Las Vegas casinos or any other serious ones, if you want to play poker, you will first need to go through the halls with slot machines, roulette tables, baccarat, blackjack, etc. The calculation is clear and simple. Any establishment benefits more if players compete against it, not against each other. The same applies to Internet gambling. Apart from home page advertising, there are side games on every page, which is another name for casino games.

Associations casinos use to distract poker players.

These tricks are as old as the hills. One is the similarity in names. It may seem strange to you, but it really works. The most popular game in poker rooms is Texas hold”em. So far so good. For those, however, who confuse poker with casino, there is Casino hold”em ready. The similarities do not end in the names. Everything is done to distract the players. In fact, Casino hold”em has negative odds for the player, but it uses the terminology which is very similar to Texas hold”em, such as flash-street, antes, etc. Unlike club poker, you won”t have to rack your brains too much, and the relatively small advantage of a casino creates illusion that you are a poker pro due to dispersion (mathematical deviation either to plus or minus). Moreover, Casion hold”em is not at all the only fake poker game.

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