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Slot Machines: Dispersion

For a novice gambler a question what game to start with is always especially sharp. The most obvious solution to this problem is the choice of the slot machine, which has simpler rules. As a consequence, the novice gambler is playing in any video slot, where, at first glance, nothing is required from him. Everything seems to be all right: it is enough to make a bet in a few lines, press the button and wait for the machine to detect if you’ve won or lost. But there are some difficulties. The fact is that in the online casino usually there is a lot of machines, which, at first glance, do not differ from each other on the principle of the game. However, as soon as you a little bit understand the differences, there turn out a lot of new and interesting things.

When you understand the rules a little better, it immediately becomes clear that the main difference consists in the fact that different machines have different tables of payments. Thus, on some machines you can win more often than on the other. Naturally, the skillful gamblers know perfectly well about the indicators of the dispersion. The indicator of the dispersion gives the opportunity to understand, what the profitability of the slot machine is, whether it is worth playing on it. Well, novice gamblers have to reach a lot by their own minds. To begin with, many, who start to play in games of chance, in general, do not imagine at all what dispersion is, and do not know that there are indicators of dispersion and that they can be found in the table of payments. Usually this figure is there, where the combination of the most unusual symbols is shown.

How does dispersion in slot machines affect the profitability? Supposing there is a video slot, in which, on the opposite, the least common combination is the number 2000. What does it mean? An experienced gambler knows that this machine often gives winnings, but, respectively, the amount of winning is very small. Such a machine is called a machine with low dispersion. If we see the number 5000, this is a machine with an average dispersion. Winnings on it happen a little less than on the previous one, but the sum of them is a little more. Well, if we see the number 10,000 or more (that, however, does not happen too often), now we are dealing with a machine with a high dispersion. A high dispersion machine promises big winnings, but they happen very rarely. It is worth seeing with your own eyes and make sure that the indications of dispersion among all the machines are different.

A reasonable question arises: what is better to choose? Of course, the choice depends, first of all, on the gambler himself and his desires. Low dispersive machines that provide small, but frequent winnings will perfectly suit someone. Someone, on the contrary, wants to have a chance to win just once, but on a grand scale, such a gambler should play on high dispersive machines. The most important thing is to understand that different dispersion in slot machines provides a different number of winnings. You cannot require frequent winnings from a video slot, which is simply not programmed for it.

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