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Slot Machines Questions

Question: When I look, how the other gamblers play on slots, I draw attention to the fact that quite often good combinations fall out to them, however, as soon as I myself sit down to play the slot machine starts to behave quite differently. Is it possible that a slot machine has been configured so that the managers of the casino can reduce the percentage of the issuance of the winning combinations?

Answer: in order to change the percentage of the issuance of winning in a slot machine, the managers of the casino should replace in it the chip called abbreviated EPROM – Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory. This kind of chip is used in slot machines and is meant to provide a theoretical probability of falling out one or another combination. Theoretically managers of casino can replace the EPROM in the slot. In an internet casino it can be made even easier in principle. However, no serious casino, whether it’s a real casino or having a good reputation online casino with the software from a reputable manufacturer, will never do it. Firstly, such kinds of actions will bring the casino only a short-term profit, and in the future they will inevitably lead to losses, as will scare away gamblers and will impose a greasy stain on the reputation of the casino. I have already written many times that the greatest profit for the casinos provide games where gamblers have the greatest chances of a victory, as this is the best drug for the awakening of excitement. However, it is worth remembering that it refers to the casino with a good reputation.

Question: Are there optimal strategies for playing in slots?

Answer: strategies for playing in slots are mainly meaningless, because in the slots solutions which a gambler makes are minimal. Here it is necessary to rely exclusively on your own luck. However, this does not refer to video poker. It is a completely independent game, not related to the slots where the application of different strategies of the game may even make the game a “plus” for the player. More about this you can read in the section “video poker” of this site.

Question: Does the RNG (Random Number Generator) – random number generator hold a certain percentage of the issuance of winning combinations? Can this percentage be “floating”, that is, does it change in the course of the game?

Answer: it is a very common among the gamblers misleading. RNG only generates a probability of one or another combination of the slot machine, regardless of previous results. Was born thanks to the gamblers poorly familiar with what the probability theory represents. Briefly the essence of error is that, if a player wins too much, then the RNG is allegedly “reprogrammed” to issue a smaller number of winning combinations. In fact this is a complete nonsense for one simple reason. The percentage of the advantages of the casino is already laid in the gaming program and it according to the propositions of the theory of probability is necessarily realized in a “long game”. Many people simply do not realize that the casino never plays a game against one specific player in a specific period of time. It plays against all and always. For the casino is not necessary to beat each gambler playing against it.

Let the program provide the advantage of a gambling house of 1 %. This means that, on average, out of every 100 rates the casino will give the gamblers 99. This does not mean, that after the first 100 rates, so it will be, in such a small period of time the casino can give all 5,000. But in a long game sooner or later the casino will come to the ratio of 100 – 99 without any cheating, solely due to the laws of mathematics. There is absolutely no difference to the casino if any particular gambler wins or not. If we have 100 slot machines in each of which 100 gamblers played in 100 hands, then we get the same thing, as if one player on 1 machine played a 10.000 hands. In such a long game the casino will most likely implement the mathematical advantage, even with such a low advantage as of 1%. However, it does not necessarily mean that all 100 gamblers will lose. Many gamblers can win and not bad prizes, however, the casino will remain in profit at the expense of the “long game” provided by the game of 100 gamblers on the 100 machines.

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