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Slot Machines: Self-control

It is not a secret there are many opponents of slot machines. Many public members, especially the members of religious organizations, rather sharply oppose gambling in general and slot machines in particular. The governments of several countries, listening to the views of the citizens, ban gambling business in their countries or severely limit its development.

With what is it connected? The main reason of the fearful relationship to the slot machines lies in the fact that many gamblers are not able to control themselves. The game draws them, they think that the desired luck is here already, it is somewhere nearby, in front of the nose. As a result, they continue to play, losing huge sums of money and sometimes ruin the family budget or steal money from the organizations in which they work. If you do not use self-control in slot machines, you can not even notice, that you lose a huge amount of money. Psychologists are even engaged in the study of this phenomenon, which is called game mania or, using the scientific term, ludomania.

That is why so many online casinos immediately, before the beginning of the game, warn their clients that the dependence on the games can be dangerous. However, just warning is not enough. There are a lot of people that will ignore any advice to the last, however worthy and serious they may be. On the other hand, a man with a strong will, unshaken psyche is unlikely to succumb to the gambling addiction. First of all, this danger threatens those who can’t control themselves. Such people are recommended to develop self-control in slot machines.

However, a simple self-control is not sufficient for everybody. It is desirable that it, at least at first, is sustained with more serious measures. For example, the company Microgaming invented its own solution to this problem. It began to produce slot machines, equipped with a special function. In fact, the machine allows the gambler to program the limit of his spending. Pressing the Autoplay button leads to the switching on of the mode, this controls spendings.

How does it work? Pressing the Autoplay starts several functions. For example, in this mode you can set the number of spins, which you will make without changing the interest rate. But in the same way, you can set the spending of funds from the deposit. Once the limit is reached, the game stops automatically. Of course, the gambler can switch off this function and continue the game. However, for many gamblers automatic interruption of the game process will be an important signal and the reason to think.

Of course, this is not the only way of self-control. Let’s say, a gambler prefers machines, issued not by Microgaming, but by its competitors, and his favorite video slot is not equipped with a monitoring function. In this case it is recommended just not to put on the deposit large amounts of money. The gambler should think, what money he is ready to risk, and put on deposit such an amount, and not a penny more. Another option is to never spend the winnings, putting them separately. In general, everyone can invent his own self-control in slot machines.

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