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Slots: A Classical Slot Machine

Many fans of slot machines eventually begin to treat them not as a product of human hands, but as to living beings, animate them, talk to them. The first machine for games of chance was constructed in 1887; its creator was Charlie Fairies. Already then the machines were made in such a way as to serve gamblers for a long time, not mentioning the fact that an angry gambler, who was not lucky, could bang on the machine with his fist in the hearts. Therefore, machines needed to be manufactured in such a way, that they could endure beatings on the part of those, to whom luck didn’t smile for a long time, without any problems.

Classical slot machine was constructed in the following way. He had three barrels, impaled on a metal rod. On the second metal rod were mechanisms, responsible for the starting and stopping the rotation of the barrel. In fact, this is the basis of the slot machine; all other devices play a purely supportive role. The principle of action of this gaming device is extremely simple. The gambler has to pull the lever – the one, thanks to which the classic slot machine received its famous name of “one-armed bandit” – after which the barrels rotate for some time. When they stop, in front of a gambler appears a combination of characters. Usually barrels stop one after another. Of course, it could be done that they would stop at the same time, but a by-turn stop is fraught with intrigue and tickles the nerves.

Modern slot machines

A modern machine is not constructed, as a classical slot machine of the past was. If in the devices, which were created in the late 19th century, the principle of action was mechanical, the modern slots are controlled by a computer. The computer is programmed in a certain way in order to provide the falling out of combinations of characters. A number of players suspect that a computer is specially set with certain parameters, thanks to which the casino is always a winner. In fact, this is not so. The computer just supports the work of the so-called pseudo-random number generator. They are called PSEUDOrandom, because in fact, the computer is not able to do anything accidental – any program operates according to some principle. Just the numbers, specified by the program, are calculated according to the extremely complex formula with a large number of variables, which allows simulating the chance of loss of one or another number, or symbol. When the computer decides that it is time for the barrels to stop, on a computer screen, one after another – in this aspect modern slots are similar to the classical slot machine – appear symbols, summing into a losing or winning combination.

Slots in the Internet, of course, are also controlled by the computer. The pseudo random number generator is not installed on your computer when you install the game program – it works with you remotely. But modern technologies allow you to recognize almost instantly the outcome of the game.

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