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Slots Betting Strategies

If you opened this page, you are probably searching for the most successful strategies for slot machines. Let me give you the best advice, which an amateur of such a game of chance can give to his accomplices. Strategies in slot machines don’t work. ..If somebody wants to assure you that they do, be sure – he just wants to sell you some trash and make money this way.

Slot machines are called “one-armed bandits” not accidentally. Their original idea from the point of view of casino is that you will spend money by small portions, not very evidently for you, and gambling establishments will be able to expand significantly, order more gambling slots and, attracting more gamblers, receive much money.

Each video slot has its percentage of return, in other words, the amount of dollars that the slot in average returns to the gambler in every 100 dollars put in the kitty, for example. In long-term outlook, if the gambler puts 100$ and the percentage of return is 95%, the gambler will get back only 95$. As you understand, if the slot has the percentage of return less than 100%, you should realize that in any case you will lose money, playing on it.

You can ask yourself rather a logical question: if somebody possesses knowledges of some unique strategy and knows how to beat the slot machine constantly, then why doesn’t he sell such precious knowledges, making a profit of it himself?

The thing is that the only informed about the payments of slot machines to people are those, who own casino. They know for sure which of the machines will be repaid, because they themselves detect the percentage of return of these machines.

There are no strategies in this game; this is one of the reasons of such a popularity of slots. People prefer to rotate barrels, sitting somewhere in the corner of the hall of the gambling-house, far from the noisy gaming tables for poker or craps.

It is possible to say, that there are several theories about the game strategies in slot machines that are discussed by their fans. Let’s tell about these strategies briefly.

Martingale betting system.

The system Martingale is probably the most famous betting system in games of chance. According to it, if you lose one bet, then making the next bet, you should double it for the most likely win. Martingale suggests that loss in one handout allows increasing chances in the next one, which is explained by the law of average numbers. Doubling the bet you not only get back the money, which you lost in the previous handout, but also make a profit.

The problem of betting system Martingale is that in sufficiently durable game the law of average numbers will show itself. Even one thousand bets is not enough for the execution of the law of average numbers. Ten thousands are not enough. Deviation will be too big. And meanwhile you are doubling the bet after each loss. If you lose five times on end, which is more than real in slot machines, your bets will become so big, that you won’t afford them.

That’s why the system Martingale increases the possibilities of a big loss on a tight timetable. The amateur of video slots, losing in one spin, doesn’t increase his chances to win in the next one, because a generator of incidental numbers, which predicts the outcome of the next set of numbers on the barrels accidentally and independently from one another, is used in slot apparatuses.

Anti- Martingale betting system.

Some people use the betting system opposite to the system Martingale. This system tells us to decrease the bet twice after every loss and double the bet after every win.

It seems that there is some sense in it, because usually more than 50% of spins in slot machines are losing. So, when you lose, using this system you practice the real method of managing your money, allocated for the games of chance. And when you are pushing forward and you are getting one prize after another, you can make a fortune on a tight timetable.

In reality, I suppose, this strategic system is worse than the system Martingale. As you double bets while you are playing this guarantees that in the long run you will lose a very big bet one day.

In some way the fact that you lose lower bets after winnings guarantees losses with this system. The fact is that strategies don’t exist, as there is nothing that can increase your chances to win in spin.

Zig-Zag betting system.

Some people think that the method Zig-Zag allows increasing your chances to win in the next slot machine. You choose in online-casino interesting machines and play on them by turns. The essence of this miraculous method is in switching from the game on one slot to another, hoping, you will be lucky somewhere.

Unfortunately, there is no connection between the type of slot you are playing on or played before and the fallen wins. The possibility of winning a jackpot and just of getting a pretty penny is fully determined by a generator of incidental numbers, and not by your switching from one video slot to another.

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